Facebook is experiencing a major crash across parts of the world. That crash may cause an issue for doctors who use Facebook as a means of communication with their patients. Many doctors have turned to social media as a way connect with patients in order to keep people apprised of pertinent information that is important for patient health. How will the major Facebook crash affect doctor patient communications?

Facebook, Pediatricians, and Millennial Moms of Young Children

 We all know that millennials are the experts on using social media for all things communication. Smart businesses are hiring a millennial team to develop and operate successful social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other tools to build a strong social media presence. Millennials have convinced us all that if your business does not have a strong social media presence, your company is on its way down.

Pediatricians are at the forefront of doctors who have taken this information to heart. They regularly interact with patients to give them reminders of vaccines, appointments, to check in on the progress of a sick child, and for general health information that parents of young children need to know. The crash of Facebook could mean that someone who needs to receive an important message from their doctor may not get it in a timely manner.

Why Many Doctors Won’t Friend You on Facebook

Understandably, many doctors don’t want to reply on social media for important health updates, but the reason goes much further than that. Imagine being a doctor and all of your patients have access to you as a friend on Facebook. That could mean endless questions about medications, pictures of questionable skin growths, anxiety, and symptoms. Doctors who are friends with their patients on Facebook may end up having a 24 hour online practice.

Should Doctor’s Practice Medicine Online?

That’s a loaded question. While many doctors have begun practicing Telemedicine, practicing medicine through social media could have negative impacts on both doctors and patients. In most cases, it is always better to see your doctor in person in order to get an accurate diagnosis and treatment for the health issue. Without seeing you, it is more difficult to make an accurate diagnosis and can often lead to the wrong medicine, or even an unnecessary round of antibiotics. 

Having access to your doctor as a friend on Facebook will require you to use discretion in your interactions. Your doctor has done you a great favor by allowing such immediate, free, direct access to them. It is important that you respect their time and don’t treat them as though they owe you free consultations. It would be nice if you occasionally posted an encouraging comment. Doctors get a lot of mean and grumbling patients. Be one who lifts them up with a grateful heart.

How Will the Major Facebook Crash Affect Doctor Patient Communications?

Never fear, Facebook will return. However, in the upcoming days, if you communicate regularly with your doctor on Facebook and Instagram, you may want to contact them in another way, at least until the crash has been resolved.