Humic acid is a product of the process of humification. Humification is a process where plants and vegetation decompose with time. It is during this process that humic acid is produced, as much as, large quantities of this has been around for millions of years. It is an essential supplement that boosts the immune system, helps protect from and treat infections. The byproducts of humification are humic acids, fulvic acid, and humin. Humic and fulvic acid provide the body with essential minerals that are not obtainable in other foods.

Minerals are needed for a wide range of uses in the body, from blood circulation to mental health. Mineral deficiency can cause serious conditions like heart disease and thyroid problems. The challenge with humic acid is in the fact that it can’t be produced synthetically. The decline in soil fertility coincided with commercial farming, commercial farming ensured that farmers favor producing huge volumes of produce than practicing healthy planting practices like mixed cropping and shifting cultivation. These healthy practices have been replaced with unhealthy practices like mono-cropping, no crop rotation, chemical pesticides, and artificial fertilizers to improve the volume and of productivity at the expense of the quality. Fortunately, you can drink water that contains humic acid along with other healthful ingredients such as as beet root powder.

Benefits of Humic Acid

This unique mineral loaded substance have been famed to have been first produced from seaweed millions of years in the past. The minerals contained in humic acid has been shown to rejuvenate the body faster than most food or fruits around. This has made the need to explore its health benefits more interesting. Several health benefits of humic acids include the following:

Preventing Diseases

The cause of many diseases is the lack of minerals. Humic acid replenishes the body with necessary minerals. These minerals are vital to an excellent immune system. The body needs a balance of both vitamins and minerals to be able to fight against any form of infection or disease invading the body. Humic acid is an organic mineral that stimulates the immune system in a unique way only it can do.

 Stops the Spread of Cancer

Recent research has shown that humic acid can stop the spread of cancerous tumors. Humic acid was discovered to prevent the metastasis of cancer in the body. Once cancer metastasis is prevented, killing the cancerous can lead to a better prognosis. Since there won’t be any other organ affected apart from the original one, chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy can be focused on just that organ. This phenomenal inhibition of cancer growth is facilitated the best in only organic substances like humic acid.

Improves Sleep

Humic acid improves the quality of sleep, healing, and refreshing of the system occur when we sleep. Getting adequate sleep cures many conditions, and it’s helpful with weight loss. Several studies have implicated the lack of quality of sleep in problematic mental health. The problem with low quality sleep is how it prevents the brain from getting its required reset and booting, just like a computer. However, with the quality of minerals present in humic acid, the enhancement of better sleep quality is facilitated, and one’s mental health protected and sound.

Treats Hemorrhage

People that are suffering from hemorrhagic fever experience significant improvement when treated with humic extracts. It removes blood clots, improves blood circulation, stops bleeding, and improves the immune system. Humic acid has a substantial effect on the blood, eradicating toxins at the same time, but it is how it helps in promoting rapid cessation of bleeding that stands out among the many advantages it offers blood.

Although, research showed that there’s oxidation stress being exerted on red blood cell, which may lead to their dysfunction. This was further seen as it was implicated in Blackfoot disease. However, this doesn’t come in the way of its improvement of blood circulation and hemorrhage cessation.

Removes Pesticide from the Body

Humic acid breaks down harmful pesticides and removes them from the body. This is seen as they prevent the absorption of toxins into the gut, neutralizing the poison as fast as possible. This mode of neutralization is effective because the toxins removed before entering the cells. Due to the fact that pesticides are not meant for the human body, they affect the nerves and the muscles when ingested. The pesticide may get into the body gradually, this is why having humic acid to remove the toxin from the body is beneficial.

Replenishes Minerals

Humic acid replenishes the body of lost or diminished minerals as a result of stress or activity. This is particularly useful for athletes who lose a lot of body minerals to sweating. Inadequate minerals can cause poor performance as well as have adverse effects on an athlete’s health. Most people may have to use supplements to replace lost minerals, but humic acid are a faster and better booster of minerals to the body.

Anti-aging Agent

Older adults that were treated with humic extracts tend to gain energy, sleep better, and have improved appetite. Necessary cognitive skills are affected as people get older, but having humic acid in the body supplements the necessary minerals which are vital for optimal functioning of the nervous system. The benefit of these muscles goes beyond the nervous system and extends to as far as the functioning of the muscles. Fulvic acid is a remarkable antioxidant that has been around for millenniums, which is why its benefit is quite rare and compelling.


It is also useful as an antioxidant as it rids the body of free radicals. Antioxidants have recently become widely acclaimed in providing several benefits. What they do in the body is basically repairs and removal of harmful substances. They aid this by polarizing the toxins and free radicals that are harmful to the body. Humic acid is rich in antioxidants because of its remarkable potential of being an electron donor and acceptor.

 Pain Relief

Patients experience pain as a symptom of their condition felt better when treated with the humic acid extract. People feel different degrees of pain, and it could be acute or chronic. This has caused people to be in search of a pain-relieving regimen that is quite potent in alleviating the pain. There are many forms of pain that humic acid has been used successfully:

  • Arthritis
  • Conditions Associated with Inflammations
  • Headache
  • Muscle pains
  • Nerve pains

Treat Ulcers

Humic acid has been successfully used to treat ulcer patients. People that have just developed ulcers or those that are already living with ulcers are in a lot of pain, which is why they need prompt pain relievers. However, ulcers are not devoid of inflammation, and humic acid antioxidants are just great in quelling these issues experienced by ulcer patients.

Treats Cold

Humic extracts improve the symptoms of people suffering from the common cold. Fulvic acid has been discovered to be one of the leading agents of combatting viruses. It is instrumental in fighting not just flu and the common cold but also other viral infections. It has been portrayed as having effective antifungal agents as well, because of its potency in treating athlete’s foot.

Protects the Skin

Humic acid heals wounds and irritation on the skin as well as cure skin conditions like eczema, rashes, and bug bites. This aids in having rapid skin regeneration and production of new skin cells. When the skin is affected by ultraviolet rays precipitating the skin for cancer, fulvic acid can eliminate cancer and provide adequate oxygenation for the skin and soft tissues.

Treats Bronchitis

Humic extracts have been used to alleviate the symptoms associated with bronchitis of any degree. This is true based on the fact that it inhibits inflammation generally. Also, it is an excellent additive to the regimen used for the treatment of bronchitis as it attacks microorganisms as well.

Improves Thyroid Health

Humic acid alleviates symptoms of thyroid disease as well as stop the growth of thyroid tumor. This is embedded in the fact that it suppresses the metastasis of cancerous cells. Thyroid health is closely associated with the metabolism of the body, which is why improving the state of this endocrine organ is quite vital. Humic acid has been found to improve the condition of the thyroid gland while increasing the regeneration of its cells and proliferation of the neo thyroid gland cells.

 Test for Humic Acid Supplement Quality

Solubility in Water:
An easy way to tell the quality and purity of humic acid is its solubility in water, the better the quality and purity, the more soluble it is in water.
There are many types of humic acid supplements available in stores, and it is easy to buy a poor quality humic acid supplement without prior knowledge of the essential attributes of humic acid. The following tests will reveal the quality of your humic acid supplement.

Test the pH Level: Although known as humic acid, they are alkaline, i.e., it has a pH level northward of 7. A pure humic acid should have at least a pH of 10.

Laboratory Tests: The final test of purity is a laboratory test. Tests are conducted to determine the following:

  • Is it GMO? Genetically modified organisms are organisms whose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineering technology.
  • Is it organic? Laboratory tests will reveal if the supplement is organic or inorganic.
  • Is it contaminated? The lab test will also reveal if the supplement is contaminated with other substances.
  • Has it mixed with acid rain? It is important to check if the supplement has mixed with acid rain, accumulation of acid rain in the body can damage the lungs as well as the brain.

Fulvic Acid

This organic acid that is a store of minerals and antioxidants is also known as acide fulvique, acido fulvico, and fulvosaure is found in natural material such as coal, soil, peat, and shilajit. As a supplement, it is made for human consumption and available in liquid and mineral substances. What makes fulvic acid a special plant organism is its minute molecular mass, which makes it easily absorbed in the body and boosts the uptake of other nutrients. Fulvic acid is used to stimulate the immune system and slow the spread of cancer.

Benefits of Fulvic Acid

Reduces Inflammation: Fulvic acid alleviates inflammation by reducing the release of inflammatory compounds like cytokines and interleukins. Also, fulvic acid speeds up the absorption of vitamins and trace minerals which are needed to improve the immune system.

Speeds-up Recovery Time: Several studies have confirmed fulvic acid has the power to speed recovery time for injuries, surgery as well as exhaustive physical exercise. It can hydrate the body and compensate the body for minerals lost to sweating.

Improve Skin Conditions: Apart from the wound healing and anti-inflammatory effects of fulvic acid, studies suggest it can improve skin conditions like rashes and eczema. Because of its small molecular mass, fulvic acid can penetrate through all levels of the skin, tone skin muscle and tighten the skin.

Anti-cancer: May prevent the growth and spread of cancer. Fulvic acid has been discovered to promote the prevention of endothelial adhesions in colorectal cancer. Resistin has been found to cause endothelial adhesions. Cancer metastasis is a major complication for cancer patients, but humic acid has been revealed to interfere and prevent this occurrence.

According to a study, Resistin can trigger a phenomenon where colorectal cancer cells get adhered to endothelial cells. There are other factors that Resistin also interferes with as regards to colorectal cancer cells. The way Fulvic acid affects this response is by antagonizing this resistin-induced response. Further research may be needed to clarify other roles of humic acid in other cancerous cells.

Humic acid is not new into this world, most of the humic and fulvic acid that have been uncovered in this world are quite old. This special store of minerals have now been introduced as a supplement for the benefit of all and its benefits, as outlined above, is enormous. They are effective in treating illnesses and assisting in maintaining good health, cancers, and ulcers are not excluded. It is crucial to ascertain the purity and quality of humic acid before making its purchase.

Buy the water!