Before COVID-19 was a new normal, merely calling up your doctor with questions was nearly impossible. Seeing your doctor would always involve seeing them in person. Or, if you were lucky, you could sit on hold for an hour just for the chance to speak with a nurse on staff, who may or may not have the answers you needed.

Luckily, there are plenty of virtual care options available now.

What is Virtual Care?

Virtual care comes usually in the form of a physician talking to their patients over the phone or via video call, such as through Zoom. Many virtual care practices even have an app for your smartphone that you can use. Just like when you see a doctor in person, the physician will talk to you about your ailments and can even prescribe you medication (some of which can be delivered to you). There are also services for therapy and even pets!

The best thing about virtual care is that you have no need to leave your house. You can schedule from the comfort for your own home and take your appointment there too. Or, you can even do it on the go!

Thinking about getting started with virtual care? Check out VirtualFirst or Telmedicine to get started.