Long term severe dry eye treatment alternative


Long lasting severe dry eye treatment

The latest treatment for dry eye syndrome in most cases will ne

  • Prescription Eyedrops
  • Tear Duct treatment
  • Plugs

Over the lat 10 users many eye surgeons have use amniotic membrane patch post operative to help the healing process. This same patch is now being used to provide alternative long term dry eye treatment for those who qualify.

To qualify for this severe dry eye treatment you must of tried prescription drops and or plugs with no help.

Eye doctors, optometrists and ophthamalgists  are able to place the amniotic membrane on the ocular surface with out sutures and get paid by medicare and most major health plans if they bill cpt codes.

Recovery from long lasting severe.dry eye treatment

Most people report it feels like specks of sand in the eye for a few days post placement and typically cloudy vision from the treated eye for a few days to.

Procedure notes:

Typically one eye is done, with a several week wait in between eyes.

Long Term Dry Eye Placement Price : $1448.00 per eye

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AMNIOTIC MEMBRANE ALLOGRAFT Placement for Severe Dry Eyes and Ocular conditions under CPT 65778