Laziness Side Effects

Laziness is one of the other most prominent diseases causing habits in the world.We live in a generate has been made easy by technology and artificial intelligence. It has been discovered that our forefathers lived longer when compared to this generation and era. People born in the middle-age lives long because of their proper diet and active lifestyles.  In the olden days, most people spend their time on a lot of physical activities such as farming, hunting, walking, and fishing. These exercises and physical activities have been replaced by various technological machines in our generation.

Laziness is very dangerous to our health and could predispose us to various cardiovascular and endocrinological disorders.  It is one of the goals and vision killing characters attributed to man. The human body is created in a way to make us walk more and be more active. We have a  physical appearance that encourages mobility and discourages laziness. We live in an environment that encourages inactivity; there are a lot of lifts instead of stairs and a lot of equipment and machines to discourage basic human exercise.

The most common excuse we give for inactivity is lack of time. Most people complain about having a busy schedule as the reason for their inactivity and laziness. It takes less time to become active individuals, Increasing your level of physical activities involves making slight changes in your lifestyles such as taking the stairs, taking a walk from your desk at work, walking, swimming, working out in the gym, and swimming.

Laziness is often caused due to lack of discipline and willpower to follow a specific routine or desired goal. It is easier to make plans, New Year resolutions, and routine s, but it takes a lot of discipline and willpower to accomplish this goal as planned and desired.

There are different ways to eliminate laziness such as planning, avoiding distractions and prioritizing your actions and events for the day.

8 Side Effects of Laziness

There are no advantages attached to laziness, it has been discovered that laziness does more harm than good and can lead to a lot of hazardous consequences on every aspect of an individual. The most common side effects of laziness include:

  1. Diseases: Obesity is the most prevalent factor that predisposes people with different medical condition and diseases. Laziness and increased level of inactivity are one of the major etiology of obesity. It has been discovered that consistent inactivity for 1 week is equivalent to smoking a pack of cigarette. Most people are aware of the dangers of reduced physical activity on their health and have decided to register for various physical activity programs such as gym, yoga, and swimming. Consistency and discipline is the only way to benefits from these activities. Most People don’t conclude these activities due to laziness. Have you ever wondered why there are a lot of p[people in the gym, yoga class, and sports classes at the beginning of the year? Most people register for these programs as part of their New Year resolutions, routines or plans. I am not taking away anything from the benefits of having these resolutions and plans, but refusing to be lazy should be the greatest resolution of all if you want to succeed at anything you do.
  2. Decreased Productivity: Laziness can lead to decreased productivity among workers, staffs, and members of an organization or association. It has been discovered that all humans are not functioning at the best of their cognitive functions. We don’t use the full capacity of our brain, The more we expose our brain to knowledge and tasks, the smarter and knowledgeable we become. Most people do not perform at their best level of efficiency because of laziness.
  3. Procrastination: Laziness is the primary reason people procrastinate and postpone the most important events of their lives. Procrastination could differentiate a genius form an average person. I have tried 99 times and have failed, but on the 100th time came success (Albert Einstein). This is a common phrase by one of the greatest scientist know n to man. This phrase emphasizes the need for consistency and discipline which could be made impossible by laziness.
  4. Decreased Creativity: The creativity and productive output for an individual can be reduced or insufficient due to laziness. It makes your level of creativity to become rusted and decline as you age. Laziness prevents you from pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone and achieves great success in life.
  5. Motivation killer: The best way to reduce or kill your self-motivation is by being Laziness is the greatest self-motivation killers known to man. There is a common saying that does it today or tomorrow maybe never. Laziness and missing deadlines decrease self-motivation and lead to decreased productivity in humans.
  6. Ambition: Laziness keeps you away from your future ambition and desired goals by keeping you stagnated. Laziness makes your achievement and future goals mere and distant dreams because all you would do is just staring at it while you miss The best way to be successful is to be hardworking and keep working to meet your desired goal and achievement. Laziness robs you of the chance of fulfilling your future goals and achievements.
  7. Poor financial records: lazy people are usually non-accountably hereby making poor financial decisions and Laziness prevents you from making plans or carrying out the actions on your plans.
  8. Depression: Medical experts have discovered that there is a great link between laziness, fatigue, and depression. Most depressed people tend to be lazy and vice versa. Lazy people tend or anorexic depending on their emotional state. These two feeding lifestyles could lead to obesity and anorexia respectively.


Laziness is a motivation and achievement killers, we all feel lazy and tired once in a while but what you do consistently leaves a lasting effect on your life. Learn to listen to your body when you really need rest but when a habit begins to affect your productivity or work output, and then it becomes harmful and dangerous. Laziness is bad for you. Rise and wake up now, be the best version of you.



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