Whiter teeth have been a status symbol for decades. In today’s society, it’s practically impossible to even get a job without decent teeth and depending on what position it is the whiter the better… Because in today’s society looks are everything and a glistening smile is definitely a calling card to success. Like it or not we live in a vain society and teeth whitening is $1 billion industry and searches for dental implants near me are skyrocketing!

Several teeth whitening tool kits, DIY, natural systems… Including blue light, black light, peroxide, bleach, proprietary supplements are all over the market convincing you to buy them to get whiter teeth.

Whitening Toothpaste

Whitening toothpaste, whitening mouthwash is are all the rage and you can even buy black toothpaste to make your teeth look white…

YouTube has over 500,000 videos on how to whiten your teeth and every magazine from fashion to beauty probably has some sort of whitening solution or product within it making it one of the most explosive personal products in the world

The cost of white teeth?

One researcher came out with the report in 2018 stating that Americans that are trying to keep their teeth white will spend on average of $50-$60 a month and there are estimates that over $1000 a year per household get spent on teeth whitening, so it’s no wonder that people are turning to things like veneers And whole teeth white solutions like a whole Mouth dental implants, or full upper implants causing them to look for solutions like SAME DAY IMPLANTS or Dental Implants Near Me for alternatives to daily and routine care.

  • Routine Whitening $30,00-$40,000 over a lifetime (and a lot of work)
  • Partial Implants starting at $12,500 for a fore ever smile

Many doctors think it is crazy, but one industry expert recently stated that their whole mouth business is up 800% making one believe that vanity is a part of the purchasing decision!