The future is bright for the high-end sunglass business and ADS Sports Eyewear is committed to innovation without compromise in quality or service. As we are known for offering the top brands of today like Oakley we fully realize that new technology by brands you have never heard of may soon disrupt the industry with products like:

  • Liquid Crystal Sunglasses
  • Active Shutter Sunglasses
  • Digital color adjustable lenses
  • Smart Sunglasses
  • Auto Adjust Ski Goggles
  • Photo-sensing Lens
  • Electronic Dimming Sunglasses
  • Environment Detection Lenses
  • Light Reversible color change degree polarized sunglass lenses
  • Multilayered color-switchable lenses

Our research team has identified over 100 patents filed in the last 12 months address what is sure to be the future of sunglasses, goggles and the everyday shades.

Prescription Liquid Crystal Sunglasses

Based on technology and the evolution of eyewear our research believes that a digitally enhanced lens may not only provide for different uses, colors, and applications but very well could include corrective adjustments required by the wearer. Such a device could be set at the factory and shipped to the consumer, or designed to use a blue tooth connection to an application that would allow for corrective and environmental settings.

One thing is crystal clear the eyewear market is ripe for disruption and the question is who will be the big winners? The researchers at will continue to work alongside CheckBiotech to ensure our readers are up to date on the latest in Liquid Crystal Sunglasses.