Age catches up with us all, as we age, flexibility reduces, skin wrinkles, and sometimes physical challenges like bad postures, looking old and grumpy might be an issue. The skin’s major proteins, collagen, and elastin reduce in production as we age, so your wrinkling skin is not abnormal.

If you want to look and feel younger, eat healthy foods and drink healthy low carb juices, such as Monavie Active.

Many spend thousands of dollars to shave years off their look, by seeking surgical and non-surgical solutions to their aging body. Making fundamental lifestyle changes and being a la mode can save you a thousand bucks and make you look like you are still in your teens. Basically what you eat and what you wear tells your age, others are just additions. Let me show you how I managed to cut 10 years off my look with these easy tips.

Eat Healthily

We are what we eat, so feeding on unhealthy foods like fried foods and junk foods can age us at a faster pace. These types of foods add to the waistline and make us look bigger, shabby, and old.

Instead, Mediterranean diets are better as they are rich in the following:

  • Nuts
  • Fruits
  • Veggies
  • Fish
  • Chicken
  • A small portion of Carbs
  • Olive oil is the oil used in this diet

It is never late to indulge in Mediterranean dishes, change your diet to a healthy one, and watch your skin and your general outlook improve.

Improve your Posture

Bad posture can make us look older than we are, if posture problem is why you look old, try various posture improving techniques including exercises, using ergonomics chair, or visiting a chiropractor. You will be surprised how younger you will look with a better posture.

 Get substantial Sleep

Health benefits of good sleep are profound. Inadequate sleep can make you look stressed, ugly, and old. Adults need up to 8 hours of sleep to function maximally, try to get at least 6 hours of sleep regardless of the constraint.

 Stop Smoking

There are numerous health hazards of smoking, so much that it can take up all this article, we will minimize the scope of how it makes you look older. Smoking creates a wrinkle on your face that makes you look old, makes your skin pale, and it’s also capable of giving you golden or brown teeth. A young man is not expected to have brown teeth, and brown teeth automatically make you look elderly. Stop smoking!

Change your Wardrobe

Rocking your yearlong outfits can easily make you look old. Regular change of wardrobe easily makes you look noticeable and young too. Even if you cannot afford to change your entire wardrobe at once, make it a habit to buy a new shirt and pants every once in a while, it will cut some years off your age.

Wear a Sunscreen

The ultraviolet radiation from the sun can be harmful, not only does it wrinkle your skin, it could cause skin cancer, which could be life-threatening. Always wear a sunscreen when you are outdoors, even on a cold day.

Whiten your Teeth

Like I mentioned earlier, any other color of the teeth apart from white makes you look old, have a teeth job and make your teeth sparkling white, people notice your smile first and white teeth make you look young and enviable.

Cut the Alcohol

I understand that alcohol is a mainstay of most social gathering, limit alcohol intake to an occasional thing like social activities or a weekend at the pub and drink as little as possible. Excessive alcohol intake dehydrates the body and wrinkles the skin.

Drink lots of Water

Drinking lots of water has the opposite effect of alcohol. Drink as much water as you desire, at least 8 cups a day. Studies have shown that it keeps the skin hydrated and fresh.

Get Trendy hair Cut

Wearing the same or having the same haircut for years will only make you look old. Break from the norm and ask your stylist to give you the latest fitting cut. Thank me later.


The many benefits of exercise extend to looking young and healthy. Exercise strengthens the body, improves posture, helps the brain, and the mind. Regular exercise makes you look firm, fit, and healthy, hence making you look younger than your age. You don’t need to hit the gym and lift dumbbells to exercise, walking around your block, cycling, climbing, or swimming are ways of exercising your body too. Make sure you exercise every day, and the benefits will ensure you don’t go a day without exercising.


The process of removing the outer dead skin cells of the body is known as exfoliation. Exfoliating removes the old outer skin and replaces with fresh shining one, making you look fresher and younger. There are 2 ways of exfoliating, namely;

  • Mechanical
  • Chemical

The mechanical method uses hard objects like sponge or brush to remove the outer skin while the chemical one uses chemicals to dissolve the outer skin. Talk to your cosmetologist to know which method is best for your skin type.


Certain factors like exposure to the sun cause wrinkles to appear on the face, the use of moisturizers can help remove these wrinkles. Apply moisturizer twice every day, before you go out in the morning and before you retire to bed at night and watch the wrinkles disappear.

 Act Young

One of the reasons you are looking old is that you carry yourself like an older person already. Wind back the clock by getting up to date with youthful trends like fashion, gaming, and technology. This will no doubt bring out the youthfulness in you and make you look young again.

Don’t Eat Sugar

Avoid the consumption of sugar in its raw form as well as additives in foods and juices. Sugar affects the collagen and elastin of your skin, making them look old and dull. Avoid adding sugar to your food and take natural fruits instead of fruit juices.

Make Yourself Happy

Being sad makes you look gloomy and adds wrinkles to your face, being happy, on the other hand, does the opposite. The joy and happiness you carry rubs on the people around you. It is very easy to forget to make yourself happy amid the everyday hustle and bustle and providing for your family. Break from the norm once in a while and make yourself happy, go hiking, ski, and travel to new places, go shopping for just yourself and buy the odd expensive gifts for yourself sometimes. If you fail to make yourself happy, who will?

Day-to-day stress, lifestyle, as well as environmental factors, can add years to your look, and the onus is on you to find solutions to look younger. There are many cheap ways to remove the years from your look, it starts with a good diet, adequate sleep, and exercise to measures like moisturizers, sunscreens, and dressing trendy. Following these tips could be magical and remove lots of years, even up to decades from your look. These are remarkable look young tips for men that have worked over the years.