How to Lose Fat Face

Our body fat percentage has a lot of influence on our physical and mental well-being. Health is a complete state of physical, social, and mental well-being not just the deviation of disease (WHO). Anything that affects these states of well-being could be considered unhealthy. Our body fat percentage could predispose individuals to various diseases and medical conditions.

Increased body fat is the leading cause of obesity which predisposes people to various types of cardiovascular diseases. Increased in general body fat could predispose humans to various types of diseases. Increased facial fat is not as dangerous as increased general body fat, but could affect our health. Anything that affects call, the social or mental well-being of an individual is unhealthy (WHO). Increased facial fat could result in low self-esteem which affects our social well-being and communication skills. People with increased facial fat often feel embarrassed when they smile or take a picture due to their increased buccal fat.

There are some specific professions such as models, waiters, receptionist, salesman, and bankers that require a specific physical appearance. This group of professional; ls lays more emphasis on their facial fat level

The best way to lose fat in any area of the body is a general body fat loss.  This could be achieved with a calorie restriction diet and effecting training regimen. Eating foods low in fat and carbohydrates and rich in protein, fruits and vegetables can help in losing general body fat. compound exercises such as squats, bench oppresses and deadlift could help in losing general body fat and maintaining lean muscle mass.

Losing weight in specific body parts such as the face, cheek, and limbs are called spot reduction. There are different ways to perform fat spot reduction. These ways include different types of facial surgeries

Diet Changes To Lose Facial Fat

Slight changes in dietary habits could help in losing and eliminating fat face. Before talking about how to eliminate fat face (facial fat), we need to know about the etiology of facial fat. Generally, our body converts the classes of food (carbohydrates, protein, and fats0 we eat into a simpler form such as glucose, amino acids, and fatty acids respectively. The digestion process starts to form the moment you chew or drink that favorite food, snacks, and drinks with us.

The body stores these end products as nutrients for the maintenance of the normal physiology stem and for future purposes. When we eat more calories than we burn or body daily requirements, our body stores the excess calories as fat. There are specific parts of the body that are the main depot for fat storages. These areas include hips, the lower part of our stomach, buttocks, hips in women, and face. The main etiology of facial fat is general increases in calorie intake and body fat percentage.

Reducing facial fat is more effective and rapid when the major etiology (excess calorie consumption and sedentary lifestyle) is dealt with or tackled. Dietary lifestyle changes can help in eliminating facial fat. Emergency diet changes would only solve the problem temporarily. The permanent and lasting solution to facial fat is a consistent eating lifestyle. Substituting unhealthy foods such as fast foods, unhealthy fats healthier options such as almonds, fish, vegetables, and fruits can help in eliminating facial fat. Hydration helps in eliminating facial fats because water enhances our body’s metabolism which major fat loss catalyst.

6 Exercises for Eliminating Facial fat

Any exercise that you sweat more and burn more calories can eliminate facial fats. The main mechanism of action of this exercise is to help you reduce general body fats which include facial fats. Simple exercise such as walking, running, taking the stairs could help in losing general body fats. There is a specific exercise for facial fat spot reduction. This exercise includes:

  1. Blowing Balloons: Balloons blowing are a great way to exercise the buccal muscles. Consistent cheek muscle exercise can help in eliminating facial This is a  good way to eliminate facial fat without surgery while having fun doing it. After blowing the ball, release the air from the balloon and repeat these procedures 10 times daily to get a rapid facial fat loss.
  2. Tongue rotation: Rotating your tongue with your mouth closed can help in eliminating facial fats rapidly without surgery or diet pills. The exercise involves circular rotation of the tongue but touching the external surface or both sets of tees with the Repeat this exercise 15 times daily to get the desired result from this exercise.
  3. Facial Steaming: This is one of the funniest and conventional ways to eliminate facial fats. This procedure involves massaging the face with a warm towel consecutively for a minimum of 5 times within an hour. Dip a towel in warm water, squeeze the towel to make it dry and gently massage your face into open pores and eliminate facial fats. This is more effective when done 1 hour before bedtime.
  4. Gum: Chewing gum is one of the most effective exercises for the masticatory muscles especially sugar- free gums. Chewing gums for a minimum of 30 minutes twice a day is enough to reduce your facial fat, calorie intake m and increase your body metabolism. It is more effective when done 3o minutes after a meal especially lunch and dinner.
  5. Facial massage: massaging the face consistently with ginseng or wheat germ oil could help reduce fluid retention and facial fat. Massaging the face with this oil helps in preventing toxic lymphatic build ups and improving facial blood circulations.
  6. Gargling: Bad breath and halitosis are one of the most embarrassing medical conditions in this current age. What If you are told that gargling does not only eliminate halitosis, but it also removes facial fat. Gargling water helps in reducing facial fat by strengthening the masticatory and facial muscles. You can do this 3-4 times daily especially before going to bed. One of the most interesting things about this exercise is that it is not time or location restricted. You can do it anywhere and anytime.

Losing facial fats can only be achieved by the combination consistent proper diet and active lifestyle. If you are interested in maintain that beautiful smile of yours, clean diet and consistent exercise is the way out.



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