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If there’s anything that defines the state of fitness or lack of it in a body, it has to be belly fat. It’s the exact opposite of six-packs and confirms the person is way down on the fitness scale. It makes the person less attractive as well as clothes could be tight-fitting and less comfortable.

Research also suggests it sometimes comes with decreased self-confidence and social anxiety, and this has led to broken relationships and loss of jobs for some people. Away from the physical and emotional pains potbelly could cause, it’s potential health consequence is even greater and could lead to death. Too much belly fat is directly linked to deadly conditions like diabetes and all sorts of heart problems which are responsible for millions of death yearly. Due to all the dangers attached to belly fat, it’s important to ensure you don’t develop one and do everything you can to lose it if you already do.

Losing a belly fat could be difficult but not impossible to do. The most important ingredient is discipline as most cures to belly fat are just a matter of lifestyle adjustment. If you can be disciplined enough to follow these tips, I’m sure your belly fat will disappear faster than you can imagine.

Don’t Drink

Reduce your drinks to few shots or two bottles and occasionally consume too, Alcohol is a major cause of belly fat, also known as a beer belly, in acknowledgment of the havoc excess consumption of beer will do to you.


Eat Soluble Fibre

Soluble fiber is essential in everyone’s meal, especially those with belly fat. It has been in use for long as a way of fighting obesity and being overweight. Soluble fibers dissolve in water and are easily digested as a result. Including Soluble fiber in your everyday meal will help lower cholesterol level, reduce fat, reduce blood sugar level, and minimize the risk of heart disease by doing so. Sources of Soluble fat include peas, oatmeal, and barley.


If you are raking in a bucket load of calories every day, you must find a way to lose them, and regular exercise will ensure you lose a certain amount of calories every day. The best exercises for a person with belly fat are aerobic exercise and weight lifting. Aerobic exercises are efficient in losing calories in a short period. When you lift weights regularly, you start building muscles, these muscles replace the belly fat and give you the athletic shape you’ve always wanted.

Avoid Trans-fat

Trans-fat is a major cause of belly fat and is difficult to breakdown. Instead, they accumulate and add more inches to your waistline or bulge to your belly. Most fast foods are filled with trans fat, amongst many other unhealthy ingredients. Typical examples are chicken, burger, and fries. Stay away from trans-fat if you are serious about losing belly fat.

Sleep Adequately

The many health benefits of good sleep extend to weight management. Insufficient sleep has been related to excess fat and vice versa. It’s advised for an adult to get 7-8 hours of sleep every day to enable the body to recover adequately and do necessary healing in the process. Furthermore, most sleeping disorder, including the notorious sleep apnea, has been related to excess body fat. Adequate sleep will enable you to kill two birds with a stone.

Eat Protein

A significant benefit of protein is that it makes you full with less, making you consume fewer calories in the process. Apart from its calorie-reducing benefits, protein helps in muscle building as muscle is made up of 20% protein. Adequate consumption of protein in your daily meal will help build muscles that will replace your belly fat. Sources of protein are eggs, fish, chicken, dairy products, nuts, beans, and legumes.
Looking for a great Gastroenterologist to help you feel better?
Click on the link below to find the best Gastroenterologist near you!
Find a Gastroenterologist Near Me

Reduce your Stress

As if being stressed is not a big enough problem, it has also been linked to problems like excess calories, excess fat including belly fat. A stressed person is more likely to opt for snacks rather than go through the pain to prepare a more healthy meal. This is known as stress eating, which we have all being guilty of. To avoid this, you can make healthy snacks like nuts and peas handy while seeking solutions to your stress that are not food-related. Examples of ways to relieve your stress include swimming, meditation, yoga, and playing games.

Track Both Gained and Lost Calories

The bottom line of getting rid of your belly fat is losing more calories than you are gaining. Thankfully, some apps will help you do just that. This apps keep track and inform you of your daily calorie intake, which in turn gives you a clue about the amount of work needed to be done in the gym.

Don’t Eat Sugar 

Another major cause of belly fat is excess sugar. Excess sugar is turned into fructose, which is difficult to digest, and this makes the liver to turn the fructose into fat which accumulates to give belly fat. Avoid eating raw sugar and drinks that are loaded with sugar. Most juices and fruit drinks that are marketed as safe for you are high in sugar and should be avoided. The best source of fruit is natural, and the healthiest drink you can have is water.

Quit Smoking

There are numerous health hazards attached to smoking. Recent studies have shown a link between heavy smoking and adding weight. Even if the study is not conclusive, what’s factual is that smokers who are obese are twice more likely to die than those suffering from other conditions. So, If you have potbelly and smoke as well, it’s crucial to stop smoking while you concentrate on losing fat.

Drink lots of Water

Many people are likely to pick up a soda or juice every time they feel thirsty, this is a habit that contributes significantly to building belly fat. If you can resist the urge for these sweet drinks and opt for water every time you are thirsty, you will find out losing your belly fat is not as difficult as you thought.

Excess fat is a killer, it can reduce the functionality of many of the body organs and cause life-threatening diseases like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. A potbelly is indisputable evidence of your bad health and your poor lifestyle. Interestingly, the most efficient ways of losing these fats are natural and very cheap.

The only expensive part is your discipline because it is hard to stay disciplined with daily stress and the activities we do every day. The lifestyle changes necessary are the avoidance of alcohol and smoking, regular exercise, and healthy eating. Strict adherence to this will give you remarkable results in few weeks.

Looking for a great Gastroenterologist to help you feel better?
Click on the link below to find the best Gastroenterologist near you!
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