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How Does This Work?

Geofenced Ads on Niche-Specific Content

Guaranteed Positioning on Page 1 Google Search News

Proprietary Network Delivering 1M Page Views per Month


Free Branding of all Customer Written Content


Unlimited Posting of Your Own Content on Our Platform

Unlimited Clicks (no Pay-Per-Click - flat rate only)

Can you show me some examples?

Absolutely! We specialize in intent-based organic search to take advantage of the 3.5 billion searches that happen every day, utilizing hyper-focused marketing to deliver the best outcome. Below is a list of medical searches currently delivering great results. Search the top phrase, and check page 1 for results from the site listed.

Best Dermatologist Near Me

result: InclineFriends.com; national

Top Benefits Photofacial

result: CheckBioTech.org; national

Hematologist Near Me

result: InclineFriends.com; national

Stem Cell Doctor

result: iStemCell.com; national

Spinal Injections Near Me

result: CheckBiotech.org; national

Chiro Garland TX

result: WholeHealth-Care.com; local



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"The Best Marketing Decision I Have Ever Made!"

– Dr. Chris Turner
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