Many healthcare professionals are feeling the pain of the healthcare system. medicare cutting what it will pay, the governmenet making more things a requirement for less money and then the fact that the insurance companies py as slow as the governmenet making the provider wait for extended lengths of time for compensation.


THE BEST DOCTORS, SURGEONS AND SPECIALITY PROVIDERS are in “HIGH DEMAND” and many of them are going to a concierge medicine approach or a CASH ONLY approach in the US, but around the glod, many are turning to “SERVICE Crypto Currency” or “Asset Back Crypto Currency” like MOZ COIN to meet their needs.


THE FUTURE OF MEDICINE and digital ecosystems


We believe many of the support industries will start taking service coins as well, like:

  • hardware manufacturers around the globe
  • supply vendors
  • supporting contractors
  • prescription drugs
  • and so on…..

This will create a digital ecosystem where the BEST PROVIDER will be able to demand top dollar and the users of the system will be able to utilize different coins to barter or exchange for services making it its own ecosystem.

We are already seeing doctors take other cryptocurrencies like LTE and BTC or BTCCASH but having a coin geared toward them will allow for better response, security and control…which is where we want our providers. WE WANT HAPPY DOCTORS, not ones that have to work so hard a paperwork and getting paid they don’t have time to care for ous!


The more concierge medicine is mainstreamed the quicker adoption of service coin success.