Medicare Insurance Agent Near Me

Many people wonder how medicare insurance agents near them get paid and think that if they call the insurance company directly that they will save money.

Truth there are insurance agents at the end of the phone too…most insurance companies are good at being insurance companies and their higher marketing organizations with agents to help sell or enroll their products in exchange for compensation.

The money might get sliced up differently but not to the consumer’s benefit. the Medicare Supplement or Medicare Advantage plans are regulated and filed by the government and will not be cheaper from an agent or toll-free line based on the same product and carrier.

So all things equal the local agent or national call center the cost should be the same, what you might consider is:

  • Service
  • Ability to call after the sale
  • Do you want to help a neighbor?
  • Do you want to be bothered by a neighbor?
  • Can you get the answers you need in a timely manner?

You have many things to worry about during this process but cutting a deal is not one of them. GOOD LUCK!

Medicare Annual Election Period is different from the Marketplace Open Enrollment