Dry Eye Treatment for an aging population

EyeCyte provides amniotic membrane placement for those who suffer from chronic dry eye and 12 additional modalities through a network of specialty-trained doctors who have advanced training in amniotic disc placement on the cornea without sutures. This company is set to break out in 2020 With a national service model partnering with cutting edge technology and doctor network. Many of the services have a CPT code that will allow coverage by most major health insurance plans as well as Medicare and Medicaid asses making this a multibillion-dollar industry and a very strong company to watch in the future.

Colorblind corrected glasses

Colorblind Glasses corrected In providing choice and optimal vision enhancement for those who suffer with color blindness by providing five lens options in color blind corrective glasses depending on the user can help provide remarkable results far superior to the leading competitor with only one lens. Choice wins along with the passion of the founding Doctor Who is motivated to educate consumers about the options available outside the traditional norm not to In optometry school. Most optometrists don’t even realize there are multiple choices in the market now thanks to this cutting edge technology so education is going to be key but once there is market share this company will quickly become a dominating force in the color blind glasses space.

Vision SaaS Company

Vision Valet provides software as a service solution connecting individuals looking for ocular care to doctors and providers specializing in over Becoming to go to portal for all things vision-related. Gaining popularity as a platform this company is set to be a leader in the industry.

Prescription ski goggles

Ski goggles with prescription lenses or with an insert to provide a prescription for those who love and have the passion for Powder and want the clarity of sight available in a prescription lens. ADS Eyewear has become a leader in the prescription ski goggles category providing Oakley and Smith along with many other name brands with RX inserts to provide that prescription need.

De-Identified Health Care Data is the key to future healthcare changes leveraging big data and AI to help make sense of the over 2000 zetabytes of data.