PGx could save you money on medications and treatment

Have you ever taken medication that just didn’t seem to work for you? Are you taking way more than you feel you should be and struggling with keeping up with each individual pill and tablet?

The use of Pharmacogenomics (or PGx) testing can assist in establishing the correct drugs and dosages for individual patients, and goes a long way to decreasing adverse effects. This type of genetic testing assists in finding out what medications are right for you, and can help lower your overall time for therapy and treatment. Research shows that adherent patients have shorter treatment durations and better outcomes, which improves overall costs of care and quality of life.

Why should I do genetic testing?

When it comes to PGx, over 82% of Americans take at least one medication. 29% are taking over five medications. Those are both big numbers. It shows that taking medications for certain physical and mental conditions may be necessary. However, it also displays the fact that many people might be taking more medication than they really need.

PGx Testing can be beneficial, then, in order to save time and money in the long run. Also, depending on the company, genetic testing could be affordable, and maybe even covered by your insurance or Medicare, depending on if it is suggested by your primary care physician.

Pharmacogenomics Testing can assist with cardiovascular health, mental health, and also pain management. If you take any sort of medications and feel as though what your doctor is prescribing doesn’t do you justice, genetic testing can find exactly what sort of medications will most benefit you and your health.