The Power of a Positive Attitude

The power radiated by a positive attitude is incalculable.  A person with a positive attitude is attractive, winsome, and influential. Possessing a positive attitude can change your day and influence all those with whom you come in contact.  It is worthy of cultivation.  You can develop a positive attitude. Yes, you.

Negative Thoughts Can be Overcome

But you may say that you are full of negative thoughts because your world is full of negativity.  You have trouble making good grades; your boss is grumpy and unappreciative; your kids are crabby; or your spouse doesn’t appreciate you.  So, what do I have to be positive about, you may think.  And you feed that with more negative thoughts.  Negative thoughts that start with “I can’t”, “he won’t”, or “it’ll always be this way.” Perhaps you need some time away on a cheap trip or discount vacation so that you can be revived and renewed. Sometimes we all just need some free time to have some fun and remember why we love living. Sometimes we just need to search out a new business opportunity or a way to use our influence as a brand ambassador.

Let’s look at what having a positive attitude adds to life.  It will help you improve coping skills when faced with challenges or even adversities. It will help you convert bad stress into good stress and make your life more enjoyable and fulfilling.  It will create a ‘you’ that even you will like better.  A ‘you’ who gives off positive, affirmative vibes.  A ‘you’ who has other’s welfare in mind. And you will be developing a thankful ‘you’, recognizing the good things in your life and seeking to rid your life of the negatives.

How to Become a Positive Person

Becoming a positive person is easier than you may think.  There is no doubt that making this change is worth every effort.  The results will be a fuller, richer and happier you for the rest of your life. A positive attitude is thought to improve physical as well as mental health.

Let’s look at some of the attributes that together work to develop and maintain a positive attitude.  Cultivating these qualities is easier than you think.  It is something you must choose to do.  It is your choice.

How to Have Hope

Hope is a small word with a plethora of rich meanings – all positive: Wishing for a particular event, desiring something good or even wonderful, longing for a better life with a confidence that it is a possibility, are but a few of the definitions of hope.  We all need a life filled with hope – for today and for the tomorrows.  When a person loses hope, negativity rushes in as air into a vacuum.

How to have hope in a hopeless situation

Looking for hope and a future filled with success and love keeps us motivated and full of life.  Hope is an essential ingredient in the person with a positive attitude.  Developing confidence, trying new things, believing in yourself, and reaching out to help others spark the light of hope.  Hope lives with a plan, with a belief in possibility, and with an affirmation of trust and confidence.  It is an action verb.

What is Optimism?

Optimism means trusting that things will get better and looking for ways to see that it does.  It is the tendency to think of the good part of a situation rather than the bad.  It is not to be unrealistic, but rather a form of thinking that you are responsible for your own happiness and that more good than bad things will be in your life.  It is realizing that you do have some control by choosing to see the brighter side. It is discovering that you have inherent traits and abilities that will brighten not only your world but that of others. It is choosing to start the day with a smile and a can- do spirit because you believe it is going to be a wonderful and fulfilling day.  It is believing that you were created for a purpose, while striving to make that purpose a reality because you believe you can.  Remember the story of the little choo -choo train who made it because “I think I can, I think I can” was that little engine’s mantra?  That little train defined optimism.

What is the Definition of Resilience?

Resilience may be defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties or adversities.  None of us will escape problems and losses, perhaps even great losses leading to depression in our lives.  Resilience is the ability to adapt well to the change that these challenges present and to keep going in the face of these adversities.  There may be some down time while we are coping with these factions in our lives.  The resilient person learns to gather all her resources and return once again to a healthy and positive state of mind.


Enthusiasm is a passionate word.  Living life with enthusiasm, or showing enthusiasm for a certain project or idea, denotes fervor, energy, and a zest for living or for that project.  Enthusiasm suggests a get-up-and-go attitude, an intense interest in something.  It means willingness to be involved and to include other people in the impetus.  The enthusiastic personality embodies the positive attitude that moves forward, energizes others and is devoted to improving any situation.

What is Motivation?

Motivation is the reason for doing something.  It is the stimulus that ignites the positive attitude cinder and inspires us to choose to live a positive attitude type of life.  It puts the giddy-up in our defeated life and pushes us into taking the first steps required to change.  Motivation is the action figure that pushes us forward because we no longer want to be negative, to be difficult, or to be the emotionally needy one.  It’s the firecracker that gives us the initiative and the determination to take the steps necessary to turn our days into positive, productive, successful and happy lives.

Change takes effort.  It is your choice.

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