Essential oils come with various levels of concentration that are made from different types of plants. This essential oil is made up of many active chemicals that gives the oils different strong fragrance. When it comes to making soaps, massage oils, tea tree oils, perfumes, bath oils and salts, the essential oils make up the ingredients that they contain.

That is why they are very popular ingredients in the various chemicals and oils, as they are utilized for various purposes. Essential oils are also useful in the production of fragrance diffusers in homes and potpourri. Essential oils are generally useful and made for diverse use.

In pharmaceuticals, the essential oils are used for natural remedies and neutralizers. This is because they contain incredible power, and are also effective. In this reality, essential oils have now grown in awareness and have been adopted by many communities in the globe.

They are often used in alternative medicine, which is aromatherapy. Essential oils replicate the scent of the plants that they are extracted from, and for this reason, they are referred to as ‘essence’. However, because of the aromatic compound of the essential oils are unique, their characteristic essence of each of them is obtained.

Now not only that the essence is obtained as it is but the essential oils are also obtained via a cold pressing method, which is mechanical or distills methods. They are also mixed together by a carrier oil to produce products that are useful for consumption. This is only achieved just when the aromatic oil has been properly extracted.

In the process, the oils are made and projected useful and important. The process of extraction and production is critical because essential oils that are obtained from chemicals are not accepted as original essential oils. This means that the method of extraction and production must be 100%.

In a nutshell, we are made to comprehend that essential oils are plant extracts that are concentrated, and they also maintain their natural smell, flavor, and essence of their origin. In this exposure, we are going to be exposing us to the benefits and risks of the consumption of essential oils. We are also going to be showing us the different oils that we can apply directly and otherwise.



The Benefit of Essential Oils

Essential oils are very beneficial to the human body, and its benefits come in various aspects.

Helps in Stabilizing Hormones

Essential oils help balance hormones, although not all of them. There are some essential oils such as geranium, clary sage, and thyme that help balance the estrogen and progesterone hormone of the body. This oil work in a way to improve cases of infertility and sexual interests. The oils also work on other hormones of the body as they lower the cortisol, thereby reducing depression and improving mood. It also increases testosterone levels and thyroid hormones.

Helps Boost Immunity              

The essential oils also fight infection by boosting immunity in the body. Lots of essential oils contain chemical compounds such as esters, terpenes, and phenolics in the oils, and they possess anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties to fight infection and boost immunity. These oils possess the potentials to fight pathogens that are foreign and are very dangerous to the human body. Ginger, myrrh, and lemon are some oils for immune boosting.


Helps Improve Digestion

Essential oils are beneficial in the process of digestion as they aid digestion. It is researched that essential oils play a great role in improving and supporting digestion. Some essential oils relive indigestion and diarrhea.

They also improve the health of the stomach and the gastrointestinal tract in general. The oil helps to stimulate the enzymes that are for breaking down fats and proteins and also properly absorb nutrients that the body needs. For instance, ginger essential oil aids digestion by easing constipation and ulcer.

Helps to Increase Energy

Essential oils are energy boosters. This means that essential oils can help boost the energy levels of an individual. It also helps improve the athletic performance of athletes. This is because some essential oils contain effects that stimulate and increase oxygen to the brain.

This would make the individual focused, refreshed, and energized. According to the international society of sports journal on nutrition, it is discovered that peppermint oil with water consumed for ten days helps increase the concentration of brain oxygen. It also improves exercise performance and reduces exhaustion.

Risks of Essential Oil

Now that we have seen some great benefits of essential oils, we would proceed further to see if there are any risk involved in the use of essential oils.


It is evident that some essential oils increase photosensitivity. This has got to do with making the human skin more sensitive to the exposure to sunlight. This is serious because the application of photosensitive oil on the skin when going outdoor could lead to red skin or blister burn.

These are serious reactions that can have a devastating effect on the individual’s skin. This photosensitizing oil is citrusy, and they are lemon, lime, grape, orange essentials oil, and so much more. It is advised that these essential oils should not be applied on the skin as they go into the sun but if already used it is important to wait for a minimum for 4 hours before going into the sun.

Adverse Effect on Pregnant and Nursing Mothers

Some essential oils are not safe for pregnant women and nursing mothers. It is advised that a pregnant woman must be careful of the kind of essential oil that she applies. It is also applicable to a nursing mother as it is imperative for them to take caution of anything they consume.

It is imperative that the essential oil that the pregnant woman is about to use must be well studied and researched. This is because any careless use of the wrong essential oil could penetrate the placenta and affect the baby.

Lastly, it is obvious that essential oils come with their benefits. It also comes with some serious risks that must be considered. I believe this exposure would help us understand the best use of essential oils.