Vitamin B6 happens to be one of the eight vitamins in the group of the B complex vitamins. Vitamin B6 is also called pyridoxine, and it was discovered in 1932. After the discovery and massive usage of this vitamin. Scientists are still known to be learning new things about vitamin B6.

They happen to try still to discover new things about vitamins. Although lots of individuals get an adequate amount of B6 in their diet. However, it is said that a deficiency in other B complex vitamins such as vitamin B12 is possible to have a deficiency in vitamin B6 also.

When vitamin B6 deficiency occurs, it is seen in people with digestive or autoimmune diseases. It is also experienced in smokers, people with kidney and liver disorders. It is also seen in obese people and individuals that consume a lot of alcohol.

The deficiency of vitamin B6 is also not left out in pregnant women. These are numerous individuals that experience vitamin B6 deficiency. The vitamin B6 is a very critical vitamin for the body as it helps the body with processing the carbohydrate, proteins, and fats that people eat.

This is done as the vitamin B6 is involved in the reaction of over 150 enzymes in the body. It even works with the function of the immune and nervous systems. It is also discovered that vitamin B6 contains anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties that can help in preventing chronic cases of heart disease and cancer.

This vitamin B6 is a very crucial and productive vitamin for the body, and people need to consume enough of it to prevent themselves from having chronic diseases. Now that we have been exposed to how essential the B6 vitamin is to the human body, are we consuming it enough? Here we are going to discuss the signs to know that we are deficient of vitamin B6.

This means we would know if we have been consuming vitamin B6 enough. The signs of vitamin B6 deficiency comes in multiple forms. If you experience these signs we are about to share, it is better to see a doctor to confirm.

 Cracked or Sored Lips

One of the signs that show you are deficient of vitamin B6 is when one is experiencing a cracked or sored lips. This is also known as cheilosis, and it comes with a swollen, sore, or red lips, and the individual would have cracks in the mouth. It can also get as worse as the cracked areas of the individual’s mouth bleeding, thereby giving rooms for infection.

This feeling becomes extremely painful as it makes it difficult and challenging to eat and talk. These symptoms stated above can be cleaned and corrected by consuming foods that are rich in vitamin B6. When you are deficient of iron, folate and other nutrients can cause the deficiency of vitamin B6. A dry, sunny, or windy weather can cause vitamin B6 deficiency. So get supplements that are loaded with vitamin B6 to heal the cracked mouth and sored lips.

 Rashes on the Skin

Another sign of vitamin B6 deficiency is skin rashes. It happens to be the reason for the itchy rashes that is red (seborrheic dermatitis). This rash has the tendencies of showing up on your face, scalp, neck upper chest, and it has an oily and flaky appearance the might lead to the formations of white patches or swelling. The beauty of the vitamin B6 is that it helps in collagen synthesis, which is important for healthy skin.

This is the reason why the deficiency of vitamin B6 could lead to skin rashes. It is necessary for you to know that people that have rashes should consume a high amount of vitamin B6 in their system. This helps in the quick clearing of seborrheic dermatitis from the body as a result of the deficiency of vitamin B6.


A sore or glossy tongue is another sign of vitamin B6 deficiency. You begin to feel your tongue getting swollen, sore, smooth, inflamed, or reddened. This is also known as glossitis. Glossitis can make chewing, talking, and swallowing difficult.

The surface of the tongue that is glossy or smooth occurs due to the loss of papillae. So when the vitamin B6 is replaced, the glossitis becomes cured. This is based on the fact that vitamin B6 is the only cause of glossitis.

It is advisable to consume sufficiently all the vitamins that are required to treat the glossitis disease. This is because the deficiency of other nutrients like vitamin B12 can cause glossitis. If an individual experiences some changes in mood, it is a possibility that the person is deficient of vitamin B6.

When the vitamin B6 is dropping in the body, it can result in a change of mood. The moods vary from anxiety to depression or irritability to feeling pains. It is possible to feel this way simply because vitamin B6 helps to make different neurotransmitters like gamma-aminobutyric acid and serotonin as they can control depression and anxiety. As the vitamin B6 helps in fixing the mood issues of the individual, research has it that when an individual takes in 50-80 mg of vitamin B6 supplements on a daily basis, it could help with (PMS) premenstrual syndrome like moodiness, depression, irritability, and anxiety.

It makes this possible because it helps in the production of serotonin, which lifts the mood. So when an individual experience a change in his or her mood, it could be as a result of a deficiency in vitamin B6. This is due to the fact that the vitamin B6 would enable the nerve messengers to control the person’s mood.

Finally, the use and sufficient consumption of vitamin B6 are essential and useful to the human body. Internally the vitamin B6 regulates the functions of lots of nerves to function properly. It is advisable to check your level of vitamin B6 intake in other to help the body with all the nutrients it needs.