As humans, we have to deal with different kinds of health challenges. They seem to pop up at the most unexpected time. A man has prepared so hard for a presentation at a meeting, and on his way up the stage, he develops a heart attack, or a lady who has a very important flight to catch. On her way trying to beat traffic, she develops a severe pain somewhere in her body. Pain and inflammation usually occur at very odd times and cause inconvenience, which leads to difficulty in achieving set goals.

Inflammation and pain are one of the common health issues we complain about. The physician’s office gets constantly loaded with inflammation complaints. This is why we should ask ourselves the question, can we reduce the possibility of having inflammation? What are the possible ways we can use to reduce pain and inflammation in our body? These are crucial questions we need to answer, but before we start searching for a solution, we need to comprehend the meaning of inflammation.

What is Inflammation?

Inflammation is when your body begins to protect itself from illness, injury, or infection. The body increases its production of white blood cells, cytokines, and immune cells when it starts its response to inflammation. The protective mechanism that the body develops to shield itself from infection, injury, and illness is called inflammation, and it can become long-term as it can lead to countless diseases. These are the various ways that we can reduce chronic inflammation in our body. Monavie Active has supreme antioxidants that can be a part of reducing inflammation in your body.

Whole Grains and Nutrient Oriented Foods

The consumption of foods that contain whole grains, nutrient-dense foods, and plant-based foods is advisable if you intend to reduce inflammation. You need to avoid sugar concentrated foods, floor processed foods, and animal products as you replace them with proper plant-based diets. When you consume this type of foods, your body would be loaded with minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and phytochemicals that fight cancer. Fiber oriented foods help the body recover from chronic inflammation.

 Solve Food Allergies and Infections

In your quest to reduce chronic inflammation in your body, you need to work on chronic infections and food allergies. Sometimes your body works to cope with the different sensitivity some kinds of food brings when you sit and consume them. Foods like gluten, soy, eggs, milk, and yeast are all common foods that might confuse your immune system from time to time when you consume the food. The allergies that come from consuming these types of food can be identified via a blood test, and you are advised to see your doctor in order to test for food allergies.

Diet Elimination Approach

You can also introduce a diet elimination approach as you are the only one that can determine how you feel when you eat. This way you eradicate all the allergens that are common in your diet and then you carefully replace them one after the other. This way you would be able to deal with food allergies, especially with the guidance of your doctor.


Chronic infection such as virus, yeast parasites, and bacterial infection is another reason why some people have chronic inflammation. This infection could be hiding out somewhere in your bloodstream and could be dragging your immune system unknowingly. So you are advised to see a physician and get tested at different levels such as testing your stool and your blood.

The test would help in analyzing your stool in order to identify abnormal bacteria, parasites, and other gastrointestinal issues which would help you develop a game plan to target the infection ideally. This way you can reduce inflammation in your body. Drinking Monavie can help.


Proper Sleep

When you sleep or take a nap, your body works hard as it repairs and restores your cell, which is the reason why physicians endorse seven to eight hours of sleep every night. However, when you are not observing sufficient sleep, you could be cheating your immune system, which could lead to the immune system kicking into high gear in order to maintain the body. Insufficient rest and sleep lead to stress, and when you are stressed all the time, you tend to produce more hormone cortisol, which leads to inflammation.

So, you are to understand the fact that you can reduce inflammation in your body by reducing stress. There are various methods you could utilize to reduce stress, such as yoga, meditation, sleep, long walks, or vacation.

Drink Good Water

Another way to reduce inflammation in your body is by drinking a big glass of high ph water. Drinking water will help you keep your body hydrated, and it would remove toxins from your liver and kidney. This helps free your body from chemicals, heavy metals, and the pesticide that leads to pollution.

Drinking water also helps your red blood cells to efficiently carry oxygen in order to improve mental function and lubricate your joints as it reduces discomfort from back pain or arthritis.

Gut Health

The gut has its own dedicated immune system, which makes it a great point to work on reducing inflammation. When your gut is affected, it implies that your immune system is in trouble. You can improve the health of your gut by taking probiotics.

The absorption of toxic chemicals and pesticides via your digestive tracts can affect your body system. You need to reduce your exposure to toxin absorption by consuming organic foods as much as possible and making use of non-toxic cleaning and personal care products. You need to ensure that all the products you use for cleaning and maintenance in your home are toxic-free.

Heat and Ice Packs

People can use ice and heat packs to reduce inflammation in their body. When pain comes strongly, using a pack of ice to relieve the pain is excellent. This method is one of the most common remedies of relieving pain.

It might interest you to know that when you alternate the use of ice packs and heat in the treatment of pains is effective. The use of heat to relieve pain relaxes muscles and calms stiff joints while on the other hand, ice helps relieve sharp pains and reduce inflammation.

Magnesium Oil

When an area in your body is inflamed, you can spray magnesium oil on those areas. This magnesium oil, unlike other supplements that takes time before you experience its effect, and it’s quickly absorbed into your skin and relaxing your muscles excellently. The magnesium oil is best sprayed after a shower and rubbing it properly on the skin and leave it for 30 minutes to absorb into the skin before wiping the residue off the skin.


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