For years the best exit strategy for doctors and practice owners was to sell to a large hospital or network. Times have changed and so must your thinking when it comes to retirement or an exit strategy as a doctor.

Because of Comprehensive Whole Healthcare, our group can provide you with several exit strategies that will typically pay significantly more for all your hard work and effort.

Selling your Medical Practice options

  1. Outright cash sale. We can in very short order make you an offer and provide a full cash exit strategy.
  2. Sell & Serve: 1-time CASH PAYMENT (Or annualized if better for your taxes) & You would stay on at an agreed upon salary (typically more than you currently clear) and continue seeing patients and we will take over marketing, systems and practice management. It’s a win-win, your life gets easier, we do all the stuff you probably do not enjoy and you will get a very nice LUMPSUM of cash.
  3. EARNOUT: You would get a small upfront cash out, with a guaranteed lump sum full price offer after 2 years that increases based on key performance metrics which could provide with a huge upside.
  4. Partner: You leverage our platform and ability to make more money and you sell us 51% or more of the practice at a pre-determined rate and also share in the long-term profitability of what we bring to the table.


Top Selling Medical Practices in demand

  • Family Practice
  • Internal medicine
  • MD & DO General
  • Integrated Medicine
  • Medicare/Medicade


What is my medical practice worth?

You will be shocked at how we will build your valuation, and it is not only based on revenue or profitability. In-Fact some of our best opportunities for a win-win are practices that are not making as much money as they could and together we can turn them around creating a huge upside for all parties. Higher volume practices will demand a higher value, but there are many other factors that will drive your opportunity and upside.

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