When we experience a form of growth on or in any part of our body, we tend to attribute it to be cancerous. As we all know that cancer happens to be a very deadly disease that can lead to loss of life. This is why people are so careful with growths on any part of their bodies.

So we would like to know if skin tags can be signs of a serious cancer case. As in this article, we are going to understand what the skin tag is all about and if it happens to be an early sign of cancer. The skin tag is a soft, skin-colored growth, and from the surface of the skin, it hangs on a piece of tissue that is thin.

This thin piece of tissue is known as a stalk, and its medical name is acrochordon. The skin tags can develop in diverse conditions such as during pregnancy or weight gain. It is also commonly found in the people as they age, i.e. people that are at the ages of 60 and above.

The propensity of developing skin tag may also flow in the family’s genetic lines and become hereditary. There are different regions of the body that the skin tags appear, especially where there are skin folds on the body. The skin tag can appear in the torso, under the breast, the neck, and armpit.

It can also appear in the region of the human gentiles, and it could be a big deal as the skin tags can get irritated as it experiences jewelry and clothes rubbing on it. It is clear that when you start to develop the skin tag, one starts to experience at first the appearance of a tiny bump in the skin that is soft. The soft bump skin starts to develop over some time, and it turns into a piece of flesh-colored skin that is attached to the skin surface by a stalk.

It is not a painful growth as it can be moved back and forth but can still be irritating when experiences a rob on it a lot. It is crucial for the individuals that have developed skin tags to be careful of handling it because when it is twisted on it stalk, it may become painful. The person can also experience a clot of blood developing within the skin.

 Symptoms and Diagnosis

Skin tags can also be diagnosed, and it is a case if not handled properly can result in irritation and pains. So a physician can discover a skin tag by simply looking at it. The skin tag has got multiple features to identify it as it is soft and moved easily.

It is flesh-colored, slightly darker, and is commonly connected to the skin by a stalk. In order to diagnose for a skin tag, a test is not needed so when you identify the growth of a skin that cannot be easily twisted which has a color that is different from the surrounding skin color. Also, when the growth is multicolored, and the areas are bleeding, it is crucial for an individual to visit a doctor to get it diagnosed.

When the individual discovers these symptoms and feels the growth is not completely looking like a skin tag, the doctor might have to take a sample of a small piece of the growth to the laboratory for proper diagnosis. It is called a biopsy.

The skin tag develops over time, and it is projected to remain permanent on the individual’s skin. Some people might decide to remove the skin tag as it could develop on the skin in large numbers on different locations on the skin. So many thoughts have been made on the possibilities of preventing skin tags from developing.

It is quite unfortunate that the development of the skin tag cannot be prevented. No matter the history of the individual or the genetic lineage of the person, the possibilities of developing a skin tag cannot be prevented. This is a reality that every individual has come to accept.

Comparing Skin Tag and Cancer

It is also vital to know if the presence of the skin tag can be an early sign of cancer. The skin tags can be a noncancerous, benign tumor of the skin, which consists of major ducts, fibers, nerve cells, and fat cells. The skin tag is an epidermis or a covering which is not skin cancer and cannot develop into skin cancer.
Having understood what the skin tag is all about from the little insight we have been able to produce above, we would like to see the potentials of skin tag becoming cancer. We would like to know what skin cancers are all about. Skin cancer occurs as a malignant cancerous cell that comes from the tissue of the skin.

The skin tag cannot become precancerous, and neither can it be cancerous. In the United States, there is up to 46% of the population that have skin tags. This information is according to the National Institute of Health.

People with diabetics also have skin tags, and people that have skin tags don’t experience the risk factors of skin cancers like exposure to sunlight and natural skin colors. Some individuals that have skin tags might not even notice the skin tags because it can rub off and fall off painlessly without notice.

The skin tags can also appear in the groin area of an individual and the upper chest area. Finally, based on the fact that skin tags are not harmful neither are they painful, people that have skin tags don’t require any treatment. Also, the fact that the skin tag is not cancerous, it is crucial to keep a close check on any skin growth or skin change of the individual. The doctor prescribes once a month total check on the entire body. This check is meant to be done just after the individual finish having his bath or shower.