In medical conditions, anxiety is an abnormal condition in a healthy emotional individual. Research shows that when a person regularly feels excessive levels of anxiety, it might become a health complication. Lots of patients suffer from this illness in the developing world. This is as a result of the unnecessary fear associated with low comfort of life with minimum available resources at their disposal. Anxiety has been discovered to be one of the leading causes of social vices in communities today. It needs urgent attention to put an end to its negative impact on the social, moral, and economic spheres.

May I briefly state that anxiety has affected all aspects of humanity, ranging from economic to social life both as individuals and the world as a whole. The sympathetic action from vulnerable individuals with anxiety problems is tremendous. It is on this note that the healthcare professionals make provision for its treatment with proper checkup and monitoring of the victim.

Therefore, the state of the general health and wellbeing of an individual requires that the individuals be free from anxiety. This, of course, will help the working class portion of the population to improve on his or her production. For productive personnel, it provides them with maximum concentration for effective and efficient input utilization.

Anxiety is a menace that must be carefully handled as it can happen to anyone. Hence, it must be controlled at an early stage to avoid detrimental impact on one’s life and livelihood. Also, it has been found out that excessive consumption of sodium chloride can raise the level of anxiety of a patient. Another devastating part of anxiety is suicide. As you can see, many individuals dare to take their lives while their loved ones suffer the agony of this wrong act. Based on interviews conducted with victims of anxiety, they attribute their anxiety to reasons that show that this medical disorder can be resolved. This reminds us that there should always be room for open-mindedness.

If you have anxiety problems, you are advised to look for ways to lessen your burden by talking to someone today because a problem shared with the right person(s) is half solved. That is why you need the expertise of guidance and counseling professionals in fighting anxiety problems.

Healthcare professionals are the most equipped in dealing with such issues related to health challenges. They render both psychological and physiological health services to anxiety patient. They also do proper follow-up until the victims fully recover from this health disorder.

Therefore this article will consistently guide patients with basic health tips to prevent and curb anxiety in our society at large.

 Causes of Anxiety in People

Anxiety doesn’t have a single causative factor, but a combination of factors ranging from physical to chemical. This is because it’s as a result of human perceptions and mode of action towards achieving their needs. Aside from this, chemical in-balance like diabetes can attribute to anxiety disorders in the body. Research further shows that the causes of anxiety can be biological factors that can only be managed in a sequence of phases with regards to its root cause and genetic make-up.

Effect of Anxiety on Society

Most of the unpleasant acts of people with anxiety problems are as a result of emotions from inner turmoil, often seen alongside habits like pacing, somatic complaints, and rumination. This is as a result of continued unpleasant feelings of dread over anticipated events and a feeling of imminent death sometimes. Anxiety surpasses fear that is a response to a real or perceived immediate threat, and it involves the imagination of something yet to occur.

Anxiety being a feeling of restlessness and nervousness is extremely volatile when uncontrolled. It affects society and results in an economic downturn, political instability, social vices, and immorality. This goes further to pose a future threat to long term goals and dreams, thereby making one unstable and demoralized. When that is the case, the families, societies as a whole suffer the menace.

Anxiety Disorders in People

Some of these have been publicized in the media, especially movies. They include:

  • Social Anxiety Disorder: This can manifest through phobia to social events as well as a social
  • Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: In the case when the patient feels overwhelmed to repeat an event over and over again.

How to Address Anxiety Disorders

  • Enjoy your Environment: Try yoga, play music, meditate, get a massage, and relax. Taking a step back from problematic issues helps in clearing one’s head.
  • Eat Well-Balanced Food: Eat regularly, and have healthy, energy-boosting snacks close by.
  • Limit Alcohol and Caffeine: This leads to increased agitation in people and can degenerate into panic attacks.
  • Get Enough Sleep: When the body is stressed, your body needs to reboot, so rest.
  • Exercise Daily: This helps you feel enjoy good health.
  • You Win Some, You Lose Some: Reflect over your worries and ask if it is the end of the world.
  • Laugh at Every Chance you get: A good laugh calms the mind and lightens the burden on your heart.
  • Be Optimistic: Make a conscious effort to maintain a positive outlook no matter how terrible things are stacked up against you.
  • Volunteer: Try to mix and be involved in your community. This provides you with a support system. You also get to listen to people going through similar or worse issues. Also, you get periodic breaks from daily stress.
  • Understand Yourself: It is quite helpful when you can tell when and what triggers your anxiety. Once, you can identify the pattern, avoiding those triggers becomes a reality.
  • Speak Out: Surround yourself with friends and family members that are dependable. This helps you in talking with them about overwhelming issues. Talk to a therapist or a doctor for professional guidance and prompt resolution.

Finally, anxiety is a fast killer of potentials in our environment today, causing a lot of deep-rooted problems. Don’t be ashamed, come forward, and seek informed counsel to your problems. You are not alone.