Summer is fast approaching, and if you’ve ever been caught with a broken A/C unit, you know things can get unbearable incredibly fast. Here are some tips for surviving the summer heat while you wait for things to get cooled down again.

How to stay cool in unbearable heat

1. Visit other places during peak hours

If you’re able to escape your home for a little bit, especially if the wait time to have your A/C fixed is small, do so. Visiting public places, such as shopping centers and malls, bookstores, coffee shops, or libraries, can help. They will most likely have their air conditioning still running, and you can park on a bench or table and ride out the hot weather. Having a smoothie while you surf on your iPad may not be a bad idea!

2. Keep air circulating in your dwelling

There’s nothing more stuffy than stagnant air. The best thing you can do is keep the air circulating in your house. Put all fans on, and, if it starts to get too warm in the house, open doors and windows to allow the old air out and some new air to circulate inside. The best time to get more fresh air in is during the evening when things start to cool down. When the sun comes back up, make sure to close all the windows to trap in the cooler air for as long as possible.

3. Utilize ice and water as much as you can

Taking a cool bath or shower to escape the heat helps. If you’re unable to do so, due to having to work from home or what have you, you can take a washcloth and soak it, before straining the water out and putting it on the back of the neck and forehead to cool down. You should also submerge your feet in water as well, as it will help to regulate your body temperature.

You can also take some ice from your freezer, line a pan, and put it in the line of fire of a fan. It will blow the cool air the ice dispenses right in your direction, making a comfortable temporary A/C.

4. Stay hydrated

While this may seem like a no-brainer, staying hydrated is important when it comes to surviving high temperatures. Drink plenty of water. If you can, avoid drinks with caffeine, such as soda, as they tend to only lend to dehydration. Keep water on hand and drink plenty of it, as sweating will rid your body of water in its quest to cool you down. Be sure to aid it. It’s crucial to your survival.

Do your best to stay cool during the summer, and remember to contact your emergency number if you feel that you or a family member may be suffering from heatstroke.