Top 10 things Every Doctor Wants to Tell You but can’t or won’t

The medical profession is governed by a lot of rules and regulation concerning doctor-patient confidentiality and how to relate to patients. Medical practitioners often find themselves in a dilemma of saying what they want to say or what they are permitted and obliged to say as a doctor.

It has been discovered that most doctors discuss what they really feel with their colleagues and tell their patients what a medical doctor to say. Most medical doctors are not permitted to say their personal non-professional opinion on a medical issue.

There are a lot of things your medical doctor would have loved to tell you if their job is not on the line or Hippocratic Oath won’t be compromised. Most medical doctors are restricted in their speech due to a lot of laws and regulation guiding DR-patient relationship.

Medical doctors are expected to be of perfect conduct and behavior when relating to their patient. This is one of the reasons why in most cases, they have a lot to say as a person but are restricted as a doctor.

It has been discovered that some people do a lot of funny and self-mutilating things and expect their doctors to find a solution to their numerous problems. Surgeons and medical doctors are expected to display a sense of professionalism and decorum when performing their medical duties. There are different types of patients that walk into a hospital or medical center, some just want to get free drugs or accommodation. Some patients even go to the extent of testing or assessing the doctor’s knowledge with their medical applications or search engine.

There are a lot of difficult scenarios that doctors face all the time such as parental consult, religion, and euthanasia. There are a lot of difficult and unprofessional statements that we doctors would love to say to our patient if permitted and promised not to be sanctioned or punished.

10 Statements Every Doctor Wants to Say to Their Patients But Can’t  or Won’t

There are a lot of things that most doctors would love to say to their patients. Most doctors restrict themselves from talking due to the fear of sanction or ben described as being unprofessional. The most common statements most doctors want to say to their patients include:

  1. Are you kidding Me? This is one of the most common statements most doctors want to say to their patients due to their funny actions and decision. There is a famous story of a patient that was given 2 bottles of barium enema to use for her gastro-intestinal disturbance. These boxes of enema came with pictures, instructions, and guidelines on how to use the medication. The interesting thing was that the doctor tried to explain to the patient on how to use the enema before they left. The patients said she is aware of the instructions, the medical doctor agreed, after all, there is an instruction with pictures on how to administer the barium enema per rectal. The patient got home, took the drug orally (via the mouth) contrary to the per rectal ( via rectum instruction in the box. The patient took one of the barium enema drugs orally. The patient came to the hospital the next day to ask the doctor if she could take 1 box instead of 2 boxes because she has been having abdominal cramps since and didn’t like the taste. The doctor was stunned and asked that what taste. She said the taste of the drug, and he could have said Are you kidding me? He had to remain polite and professional, so he kindly asked if she read the instructions and she answered with a long pause and said no. This is one of the typical examples when the doctor would have loved to say are you kidding me? But could not say it.
  2. I am really busy to save lives now: Most people think doctors are machines without emotion or other responsibilities than catering for their health. Doctor are humans like you, they are people’s neighbors, husband, wives, sons, and daughter. There are sometimes when a doctor wishes he or she can just say I am too busy right now to be a doctor but he cants say that.
  3. Get back to work: There are different people that walk into the hospital because of body pains. Most doctors realize some patients are trying to escape some social responsibilities such as work and school. Doctors wish they could say get back to work and stop wasting my time, but they are obliged to do their work.
  4. You call that a problem? : Doctors are one of the major people you encounter when you come to a hospital. Sometimes we feel like telling patients, you call this a problem? I have patients with cancer and more difficult decisions to make.
  5. It is your Life: Most doctors could get frustrated when they want to help but the patients refuse to cooperate or permit them to do the right
  6. Don’t compare me to Google: There are various funny scenarios when a doctor is trying to convince a patient that the diagnosis he read on the internet is wrong. In this technology era, most people can self-diagnose before stepping into a hospital.
  7. You are lying: This is a common scenario for patients with back As doctors, we know that not everyone that request for pain relief is genuine but you are still obliged to do your job.
  8. I have a life too: Most patients try to speed up their recovery period by saying I have an event to attend or something to do. The power doctor is human also and he has a wish we could say that once in a while.
  9. Insurance is a mess: When most patients complain to their doctors about their insurance charges, most doctors wish they could tell them that they also think the insurance policy is a mess, but guess what we can’t say that.
  10. Damn it, Be Honest: Treating patients would be easier if most people could answer their personal questions Most patients lie about their social and sexual history and this could interfere with the diagnosis made by the doctor. Doctor wish they could say, I don’t care if you do drugs or cheat on your wife, just be honest so I can get my diagnosis and treatment right.

Most Doctors have experienced any of these scenarios and most people have been the one responsible for these events and occurrence. Before you judge your doctor, Always remember there are a lot of things he or she wish they could tell you but would not or cannot tell you.



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