Efficient heating systems are the best way to survive and cope with a cold winter or extreme weather conditions like we have been having across the United States. The freezing cold conditions that are happening even in the south have raised awareness that we ned safe and properly functioning HVAC systems in order to safely survive such extremely cold weather.

Your heating system can be compared to the human body, which needs regular exercise and medical checkups( heating system servicing) for it to function effectively. Your heating system requires routine maintenance because the components of the heating system need routine servicing and maintenance for it to operate efficiently.

There are only few heating and air conditioning companies that prioritize the safety of the occupants and quality of products over small financial gains.Siimpler heating and air conditioning is a company that ensures that your health is a priority and that you are safe all year round.

How to Avoid Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

One of the worst things that could happen to people is if what is meant to protect you becomes the source of danger. An improperly cleaned and maintained heating system could result in the dangerous existence of dangerous carbon monoxide. This colorless and odorless gas is known as the silent killer. You may not realize you have a problem until your family falls ill. You can avoid this problem by taking a couple of simple steps.

  • Install good carbon monoxide alarms outside of every sleeping area and in every living area.
  • Have your heating and conditioning system properly maintained and checked every year without fail.

Heating systems that are not appropriately maintained are prone to frequent breakdowns. Not only does it create unnecessary hassles and troubles but also leads to higher repair costs. Willard heating and air condition do not overcharge and offer services at an affordable rate

Studies show that a system that has been neglected will collect dirt and allergens within a home’s ducts and vents, forcing the system to work 20 percent harder to release the same amount of cool or warm air as it did when it was brand new. By cleaning these areas, less energy will be needed to run the unit, lowering your utility bills 

Top 20 Reasons for Regular Heating and Air Maintenance in Dallas Tx and Surrounding Areas

1. Lower Operating Cost

2. Lower Utility Bills

3. Healthier and Safe Air to Breathe

4. Safety

5. Makes Your Home Safer

6. Reduction in Energy Bills

7. It Prolonged the Lifespan of the Heating System

8. It Reduces Cost of Repair

9. Energy and Money Preservation

10. Increased efficiency

11. Breathing Healthy Air

12. Reliability

13. Peace of Mind

14. Comfortability

15. Ridding Carbon Monoxide Toxicity

16. Prevention of Fire Hazards

17. Availability

18. Energy Saving

19. Value

20. Health Benefits

Regular heating and health maintenance ensures that your health is not compromised or affected in any way. Compromising your health with your heating and air conditioning systems is avoidable by having regular maintenance and repair. Your health and body is your best insurance for living long and enjoying yourself.




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