Cleaning is an important part way of protecting our health in the home, office, schools etc. House cleaning makes things look good, and void of microorganisms. It also makes things look organized. In fact, cleaning is a good attribute to have. Although is an important aspect of human, there are some cleaning products that people use, that actually does a lot of harm to their health and the environment. These products do a good job cleaning, but the materials and ingredients used in making these products are harmful to the environment and people’s health. According to statistics, the household cleaning products contain over 60 chemicals that are harmful to the health and to the environment. Even though these toxic ingredients might not cause problems for a short-term, they are capable of causing problems, when people expose themselves to these toxic ingredients regularly. Below are some of the common toxic ingredients, found in cleaning products and the effect they have on the body.

  1. Phthalates: This chemical ingredient is used in the manufacture of household cleaning products such as air fresheners, detergents, soap and so on. The name of this ingredient isn’t always displayed on the various household products, because of proprietary laws. However, this ingredient is used because of the nice smell it gives products. So there is a high chance, that whenever you see “fragrance” on your household product, it might just be phthalates in disguise. Phthalates are renowned for their effect on the endocrine system. It has a way of causing sexual dysfunction, especially in men. It has been observed that men who have a high amount of phthalates in their bloodstream usually do present with low sperm count. These toxins do not have to consume through the mouth to get into the system. It gets into the system through inhalation, and also through the skin. People might have a ton of it in their system without even knowing. It’s advisable to go for cleaning products that are natural. Also, fragrance-free cleaning products are also a good alternative. Plants are also natural air filters, as they give out oxygen, and take in the carbon dioxide we release.
  2. Chlorine: Chlorine is also another popular product, that could be found in household products such as detergents, toilet washing mixtures, scrubbing powders and so on. Chlorine gets into the body through different means, through the skin, through inhalation. Chlorine is also an important constituent of city water. They are usually employed in the purification process of water. Chlorine is capable of causing both short-term and long-term adverse effects. This chemical has been implicated in some respiratory diseases and has been known to be capable of causing severe thyroid dysfunctions. The healthier choice is to stick to natural cleaning products, that are equally as effective as chlorine.
  3. Sodium hydroxide: Sodium hydroxide is popularly used in household cleaning products such as in microwave and oven cleaners. They are also often used in the manufacture of drain openers. This chemical compound is very corrosive and is capable of burning the skin, in its concentrated form. Sodium hydroxide is dangerous to the human health, especially when inhaled, or when the skin is exposed to it. This chemical is also capable of causing irritation in the throat. However, there is a safe and effective alternative for sodium hydroxide, this alternative is baking soda. Baking soda is capable of cleaning the grubbiest dirt; all that is needed is time and effort.
  4. Triclosan: This compound can be found in a lot of detergents and in “antibacterial” soaps. This ingredient is mainly used for the elimination of bacteria. However, it has been discovered that this ingredient is capable of increasing the proliferation of bacteria that resist drugs. In addition, this chemical has raised a lot of concerns, because a large quantity of it was discovered in large bodies of water. It has been implicated as a cause of endocrine dysfunction. There is also a probability that this chemical ingredient might be carcinogenic. The healthy alternative to triclosan is to use non-fragranced and non-antibacterial products. The best alternative is to always use natural cleaning products.

Reasons to Use All Natural Cleaning Products

  1. Safety: Natural cleaning products are without toxic chemicals that can be found in other usual household cleaning products. These products often contain some dangerous chemicals such as sodium hydroxide and ammonia. These chemicals are toxic to the health of people, especially when inhaled, or when the skin is exposed to it for a long time. Natural cleaning products eliminate this kind of challenges.
  2. Children safety: Children are naturally playful and reckless. They might unknowingly touch and ingest these chemicals. This can lead to long-term damages if not promptly managed. Toxic household cleaning products have been recorded to one of the top causes of poisoning in America. Natural cleaning products eliminate, these concerns, although they are not edible, they are not as dangerous as the toxic cleaning products, and might not even cause life-threatening
  3. Good for the health: Plants are good air oxidizers, and can replace the artificial fragrances that might contain toxic chemicals. On long-term use, these chemicals can cause throat irritation of the throat.
  4. They are not carcinogenic
  5. They do not cause endocrine dysfunction
  6. They do not cause allergies.
  7. They are not mutagenic, as compared to artificial cleaning products, that can induce the mutation of human genetic makeup.
  8. They are not neurotoxic.
  9. Cleaner air
  10. They help protect the environment, in line with the green revolution
  11. They are biodegradable.
  12. They cost less than artificial cleaning products.
  13. They help us save money, especially on health services, that people would have been forced to spend should they have one of the side effects.
  14. They are sometimes more effective in cleaning.
  15. They are easier to use.
  16. They can be used without concerns about safety or suffocation.
  17. They can be used for different purposes.
  18. There are no hidden ingredients in natural cleaning products, you know exactly what you’re buying.
  19. They can easily be made.
  20. Lesser risks of having asthma.
  21. They are available everywhere.
  22. Reduced cases of a headache.
  23. They do not cause irritation to the sense organs, such as the eyes and nose.
  24. It could be a huge source of income is made in large quantities.
  25. They are safe for house pets, such as dogs and cats.



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