A lower back muscle stiffness and tension begins as a sharp pain that suddenly occurs when lifting the body or bending. These injuries are common, and it ranges from a little inconvenience to an intense source of pain. This pain appears gradually, and then it starts getting worse progressively over many days.

This injury may take many weeks before it heals and some months in a few cases. The lower back muscle can also be called a strained muscle too. This muscle when strained happens to be a tendon or muscle injury, i.e. the muscle or tendon tears or stretches. It is also called a sprain when the ligaments stretch or tears.

The back pain that is as a result of a pulled muscle is usually treated by healthcare professionals. This form of injury can have its symptoms managed or treated at home. When the pain becomes unbearable, and the individual finds it difficult to move, it’s essential to see the doctor.

It is simple to treat lower back muscle strains. Sometimes ergonomic or sports modification, long term exercise program may also be recommended. In the treatment of the lower back muscle injury, it doesn’t matter the area of the back that the muscle injury occurred. Treatment is possible, but before treating the injury, the individual must talk to a doctor. This is because other injuries, such as disc problems or broken spine, may have the same symptoms as sprains or strains. So when the confirmation is done with the doctor, the individual can follow these other steps to help with proper resolution of the injury. Here we are going to discuss the general processes that can be used to treat a lower back muscle injury.

Compression Bandage Method

When an individual needs to treat a lower back muscle injury, it is good to use the compression method. This is done by applying a compression bandage on the damaged tissues or making use of an effective compression system. This would help to reduce swelling and edema helping the damaged tissues to repair itself faster than expected.


Another method of managing a lower back muscle stiffness and/or tension is by resting. It is necessary for an individual that has just strained his muscle to reduce the number of activities that increases the pain. He is also expected to avoid excessive movements, which would lead to reducing pain. When the pain is reduced, it would be dangerous for the individual to resume his former levels of activities and movements. However, physical therapy should be done to increase the strength of the muscles gradually.


Stretching happens to be another activity that is necessary for the treatment of lower back muscles problems. According to Kojo Hamilton MD, the exercise of stretching gently helps to heal the tissue, which helps to improve more blood flow to the areas that are injured. It is crucial to see a physiotherapist for the proper kind of stretches that are good for the individual’s condition.

Applying Ice

Low back muscle injury comes with inflammation, which makes the application of cold helpful. When cold is applied, it reduces inflammation that causes the pains in the early stages of the injury. The earlier an individual can apply cold on the injured areas, the faster the reduction of the pain.

The application of cold also helps reduce swelling as it activates the healing process. So to achieve this, a pack of ice should be applied to the injured area for 15 to 20 minutes as soon as the injury occurs. It is fine to experience at least a 20 minutes break after each application of ice.

 Building Strength Exercise

The process of performing strength exercises comes in handy when the pain has subsided and your physician gives you a go ahead. This exercise can be added to the stretching exercise. This exercise stops the muscles of the back from getting weak and reduce the chances of future injuries.

Pain Relief Medication

In the aspects of bone, muscles, and tissues treatments, pain medications make the most common kind of treatment that is used by individuals. Pain medication among other things causes short term relief, as it would enhance the individual’s daily activities.

People are advised to contact their doctor for any pain medication before taking any pills. This is because it is necessary to know the right dosage that suits the specific condition of the injury. The injury might be so severe that a doctor would be needed.


A massage is also an important way to treat the lower back muscle as it helps to increase the flow of blood to the injured tissues. Based on the severity of the injury, a light massage is sometimes recommended. This is also good for people’s mental and physical health.

Low Impact Exercise

In order to build muscle strength when the individual’s lower back muscles have been strained, low impact exercise could be prescribed. This form of exercise helps the individual to maintain his or her range of motion. The exercise comes in different forms like walking, cycling, and swimming. These are various options that are good for staying active as the individual recovers from lower back muscle strains.


Acupuncture is an ancient treatment for lower back muscle strain. It is not the first line of treatment in most cases, but it is used by physicians and healthcare professionals to alleviate pain. The process of acupuncture as a relieving treatment as it stimulates the central nervous system, the brain, and the spinal cord.

Belt and girdle are used to add support to the back when trying to lift heavy things, and it is also a method of managing lower back muscle tension. Finally, it is advisable for the patient to visit the doctor before embarking on any of these methods of treatment. This is because of the varying severity of lower back muscle strain and tension. The doctor is also in the best position to help the patient with the most appropriate treatment option.