Most individuals don’t take seriously or think about what their urine appears to look like. Sometimes the number of times that an individual goes to urinate could hint the individual about whatever is going on inside his body. It’s also possible to get further information about the body from the urine color and smell.

This is simply because urine is the liquid waste that is ejected out of the body. The urine is made up of water, chemical, and salt. When urine is about to be ejected from the body that means that the kidney has finished its work of filtration.

The kidney is one of the organs that aid the process of detoxification in the body. It filters toxins and other harmful chemicals from the blood. This toxin comes from food, medications, liquids such as alcohol and carbonated drinks.

When an individual is ill, the process of filtration by the kidney could be affected. The process of removing the urine from the kidney is one of the acts that an individual does unconsciously. They hardly pay attention to the changes in color when urinating.

This is just like paying attention to the consistency and color of one’s poop to monitor the various diets consumed and the general health of the individual. It might interest you to know that the urine comes in different colors. It is obvious that urine mostly comes in yellow, but sometimes it is possible to observe shades of colors in which some might be healthy and some not.

Here we would be concentrating on the various possible colors that the urine can come in and what the state of human health is in when such colors are seen. This information helps in prompt diagnosis and treatment of particular diseases. If an individual can identify the various colors of the urine and understanding its meaning. This knowledge would help the individual take all necessary precautions and possible actions.

So we are going to identify the various colors that the urine comes in and their meaning. We are also going to know how harmful or healthy the colors of the urine are.


 Orange Color Urine

Firstly, we are going to start with the orange colored urine. Individuals should note that when they pass orange colored urine, it could be a reflection of a drug that they drank. This then leads to the coloring of their urine. It is also probably a safe side effect of some medications that they have taken.

Some people think that when they have consumed a lot of orange drinks, they tend to release orange urine, but it is not the case. When an individual is taking a drug that contains a dye, for instance, we look at a drug that is used to treat tuberculosis, and after taking it, it produces a side effect that has to do with coloring the individual urine into orange.

The large consumption of carrots is also known to color urines of individuals into orange. So when and orange urine is seen, people are meant to understand that it may be due to a number of reasons. However, one must ensure that the urine does not contain blood.



Pink or Red Color Urine

The next urine color we would be talking about is the pink or red urine. This is an important sign to note. One of the big concerns when it comes to red or pink urine is that it happens as a result of bleeding. The case of bleeding in the urine is called hematuria.

This could be as a result of kidney stone disease, urinary tract infection or a more serious disease like urinary tract cancer. It is also important for individuals to note that before they get too worried about the color of the urine, they should be sure of the kind of food they eat. For example, the consumption of blackberries can color an individual’s urine.

Pale Yellow Color Urine

When an individual discovers that their urine is pale yellow, they should be unbothered because the color is normal. This is good news for those that pass yellow urine. This is due to the individual getting properly hydrated and the waste products in urine being eliminated.

This is obviously a free ride for anybody as they are advised to stay calm. The other side to this is when the individual is dehydrated, the individual’s urine would be more concentrated, and the urine would have dark yellow shades. When adequate water is well consumed, it helps individuals that are prone to developing kidney stones.

Bright Orange Color Urine

So what does it mean when an individual’s urine is bright yellow or orange? The consumption of riboflavin that is available in multivitamins colors the urine. The individual must know that this color is harmless and that it is as a result of consuming a large dose of vitamins.

Brown Color Urine

When an individual urinates brown urine, he needs to see his doctor quickly because it could be a side effect of the disease of the liver. In the first instance, the individual must always be aware of the particular kind of food they ate before going to urinate. When protein is released into the bloodstream, it becomes toxic to the kidney.

The protein is released by Rhabdomyolysis which has a side effect that greatly traumatizes the kidney and converts the urine to brown. When blood forms a clot in the urinary tract, it can affect the color of the urine as the urine color gets dark because the urine is not eliminated quickly.

Finally, we need to understand the process urine goes through before being ejected. The urine travels from the kidney where it is being produced, and it takes a while to complete the process. It drops in trickles into the urinary bladder and journeys through the urethra which then passes it out when the bladder is full. Urine is a key phenomenon that occurs in the body and we can all benefit from being vigilant.