Visual impairment is a serious condition plaguing people in our world today. Though not many people are aware of the dangers that it brings to the eyes and the body at large. It is important for us to know how serious the case of visual impairment is and how pandemic it is.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are over 250 million people that are visually impaired in the world. Also, around 80% of individuals with visual impairment have been able to cure the illness. So in light of this, it is crucial to take your eyes checkups very seriously and routinely.

When you visit an ophthalmologist to examine your eyes, it is possible for them to discover how the condition of the eyes has progressed. When we talk about visual impairment, we put into consideration the case of glaucoma amidst other cases as it comes with few symptoms in its early stages. It is also very crucial to be able to follow its progress and treat it immediately.

When it is not discovered in its early stage, it turns out that the eye begins to deteriorate, and you start to experience some symptoms like change in your vision or pain in the eyes. There are also other eyes cases that one may begin to experience, and that would require instant medical attention. As much as we know how significant the eyes are, we should not also be naïve about the fact that the eyes could experience wear and tear of overtime.

When the eyes begin to wear and tear, you start to encounter some changes like your inability to focus on near objects. You could also feel a tint in the eyelashes as the changes become as worse as threatening your vision. When it comes to aging the eyes could also experience a serious process of deterioration in which the ability for the eye to lubricate itself begins to decline.

As this happens, you start to feel some kind of irritation in your eyes, the eyes also get sticky and dry. You also see the eye lens become elastic as night visions start to set in. When an individual begins to encounter night vision issues, driving at night becomes a problem and also doing activities at night becomes difficult too.

We should be aware of the various eye degeneration that can cause visual impairment such as diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, and macular degeneration. These serious cases can rob an individual of their eyesight, so it is necessary for them to take its treatments seriously. So no matter what your vision was before and what it is now, all you need to do is to get to know and understand the signs you are experiencing so that you could get the right treatment.

This article would be articulating about the various warning signs that come with eye troubles. This various signs that we are about to discuss may entail you visiting the ophthalmologist for proper examinations. When you take hold of particular eye trouble at its early stage, it could help to protect and sustain your vision. There are also cases of health challenges that are not vision related, and that can cause some serious health problem.

Experiencing Gray Shadows, Flashes of Light and Floating in your Vision

One of the signs that shows that you have an eye problem is when you begin to experience a gray shadow in your vision. You could also start experiencing floaters and flashing lights in your vision. This happens when you start seeing an obvious increase in the number of floaters and a view of shadow in your peripheral vision.

It happens that you start to feel a sudden flash and a gray curtain going across the field of your vision, which is a symptom of your retina detaching. The retina is a nerve layer that is located at the back of the eyes which sends images to the brain. However, some other eye diseases like injury on the eyes and glaucoma can cause retina detachment. The case of retinal detachment can lead to blindness if not treated quickly. The treatment of retina detachment is often treated by surgery.


Pain in the Eye

When you start to feel pain in your eyes, it is a sign that there is a possibility of eye problems coming up. Although when an individual is diagnosed with eye disease, the individual might hardly feel pain. This is because most eye diseases don’t cause pain, but when the eye is injured, the individual might feel pain. Cases like dry eye, eye injury, scratching the corner of the eye, glaucoma and eye cancer can cause eye pain.

Injury of the Eye

Eye injury is another sign that can cause an eye problem. Tis the reason why when you have a significant eye injury, you should see a doctor for evaluation. This is very necessary, especially when you feel pain in the eye for more than 15 minutes and redness in the eye.

Loss of Vision in One Eye

When you lose vision in one of the eyes suddenly, it means you have an eye problem. The issues of a sudden loss of vision in one eye can be a sign of different eye disease. For example, a case of age-related macular degeneration, which has led to the cause of vision loss within the aged people happens gradually and unnoticed.

Sometimes, the case of the age-related macular degeneration can be sudden when there is a leak of fluid in the blood vessels, or there is blood under the retina. There is also a type of glaucoma that causes a rapid buildup of fluid pressure in the eyes, which would lead to the damage of the optic nerve. This and other conditions can persistently cause loss of vision.

Lastly, when you are experiencing a persistent discomfort in your eye, endeavor to see an ophthalmologist. This would help you detect the problem of the eye. This would help get you to eye examined and appropriately treated.