We need to know what the groin is all about and where it is situated in the human body for us to properly understand the various reasons why individuals experience pains in the groin. The groin is situated in the hip area between the stomach and the thigh. In this area where the groin is located, five muscles work together to make the legs move.

This is because it is found where the legs begin and the abdomen ends. The muscles that are situated in the groin area are called the adductor longus, adductor brevis, gracilis, pectineus, and adductor magnus. So when the groin hurts, which results in groin pain, it means that there is discomfort experienced in any of these areas.

The painful feeling is usually from an injury that is caused by physical activities like sports. When an athlete’s muscle in the area of the groin is strained, it becomes a big issue for the athlete as this kind of injury occurs most commonly with athletes. It is essential for individuals to know what causes groin pain so that precautions can be taken and treatments properly administered.

Anybody can experience groin pain as it is a common symptom, and it has some common causes that occur more than others. What signals groin pain usually are when the muscles, tendons, and ligaments are strained. This usually happens in the groin area with most athletes.



Sports like rugby, hockey, and football can cause groin pain for the athletes at some point in their sporting career. This is according to a 2019 study published in the BMJ Open Sport and Exercise Medical journal. In this case, when the groin injury occurs, the pain can begin instantly or could build up over time. If the athlete continues in the sports activity, it’s likely that the groin injury gets worse.

Inguinal Hernia

Another cause of groin pain is an inguinal hernia. This occurs when there is a push of the large intestine through a weak spot in the muscles of the lower abdomen. This might lead to the individual noticing a bulge in the groin or scrotum area.

This happens to be a severe case because the supply of blood could be cut off as the intestine gets stuck in the muscle wall of the abdomen. Some of the symptoms of inguinal hernia are some sudden pain near the bulge, a feeling of nausea, vomiting, and fever. Unable to defecate and pass gas. It’s unfortunate to note that some men will develop this health challenge at some point in their lifetime.

This particular illness is called strangulated hernia, and it is an emergency that is life-threatening. If an individual feels any pain below the beltline, it is necessary to find out why. This is because the painful feeling might need a simple treatment before it deteriorates. It is also best any individual that experiences any of these symptoms should see the doctor for urgent attention. This illness can only be fixed through surgery.


However, prostatitis can be another reason why the groin hurts. When there is a swelling or infection in the prostate gland, it is known as prostatitis. This is a harrowing experience, especially when the individual is trying to pee. This could be caused by an infection, which would require the individual to use antibiotics to treat the infection. In other cases, prostatitis can sometimes go on its own. This also requires the individual to see a physician for proper diagnosis and monitoring.


Epididymitis is also a reason for groin pain. This occurs as a result of the tube that stores sperm begins to swell, and an infection mostly causes it. In this case, the individual start to feel pains on one side of the scrotum, and the pain happens slowly.

The individual also feels pain while peeing, like in the case of prostatitis. When the individual experiences a milky discharge from his penis, it is a sign of epididymitis. Fever is also part of the signs. So, people are encouraged to be conscious of the signs that they experience and take it a step further by going to see the doctor for test confirmations and thorough treatment.


Furthermore, orchitis can cause the groin to hurt. This is because it causes a swelling in one or both sides of the testicles. This can be as a result of the infection that is caused by epididymitis. This situation can also occur at the same time, and it can lead to infertility. When the mumps virus triggers orchitis, the individual might experience infertility. This can occur in both situation, and it can be treated with antibiotics.

Testicular Torsion

Testicular torsion can lead to the hurting of the groin too as it happens when there is a twist of the testicles inside the scrotum. In this situation, a medical emergency is seriously needed. When it happens, it feels like he was hit in the crotch, and it can be excruciating.

When the testicle twists, the torsion (twist) would cut off the supply of blood to the testicle. This case is common in young boys, and it would take surgery to untwist the testicles. It only takes a few hours for the testicle to be untwisted or the individual loses his life.

Testicular Cancer

On the other hand, testicular cancer could cause groin pain too. This cancer, in most cases, causes a lump that is painless to grow in or on the testicle. This cancer can also be painful, but it is not common, and if it is discovered at the early stage, it can be treated and cured.

Hip Problem

Hip problem is another cause for the groin to be hurting. When a person has arthritis, the person experiences pain that can radiate to the groin. This pain gradually builds up and becomes worse when the individual is driving or sitting on a low chair.

Finally, when groin pain is terrible and doesn’t get better in days. Go to the hospital, especially when there is a swelling around the testicles and blood in your urine. Groin pain may get worse if unattended to, so, visit the doctor.