It is very important to keep track of your diet and avoid foods that would add up to your weight and place you at serious risk of developing different health conditions when you are a lot older. When you are a lot younger, it is possible to consume a whole pack of pizza and multiple bottles of soda and still be okay and not add excess weight.

It is also possible to party for a long time and most importantly into the night taking all the beer and beef without feeling less active and fit. In this particular age, your body tends to adjust to lots of different things, and excesses easily break down. The situation becomes different when you get into your 40s.

This is the time when the body starts to backfire on all fronts. It is a time when you place yourself on a regular bugger plan and maintain your gym routine but discover that your weight is still the same. This is also the time when you consume lots of beer and soda, and you start experiencing cholesterol issues and cardiovascular diseases.

Most people that consume foods that are high in calories and sugar are finding it difficult to do certain things, and some have lost their lives to consuming these foods excessively. People need to be aware of the kind of food that can be harmful to their body if consumed excessively.

Here we are going to be talking about the worst belly fattening foods that men cannot resist. Although consuming these foods have made them over-weight and given them different complications, but they can’t still resist them. This is why it is essential to talk about them.


One of the worst belly fattening foods is soda. When people choose soda ahead of water, they definitely have made a wrong decision for themselves. This is because the soda is made of caramel color, sugar, and other chemicals that are toxic to the body.

According to Consumer Report and John Hopkins Centre for a Livable Future, they were able to discover that 4-methylimidazole can increase your risk of developing cancer.


Margarine is another bell fattening food that some individuals cannot resist. Most kinds of margarine that are available for consumption contains saturated fats that clog arteries and this margarine are also loaded with processed oil. The brand of the margarine also contains a synthetic compound called propylene glycol that is shown by research to increases levels of bad cholesterol. It also causes weight gain.

 Food Coloring

Some people are always used to adding food coloring to their baked foods, processed foods, and candies. These can have serious harmful effects on the health of the people that consume these processed foods. This food dye may contain contaminants that could cause cancer. Cancer is a very deadly health situation that requires a very high level of treatment to fix. That is the reason for the various awareness going on about it. Good health starts with what we eat.

Artificial Sweetener

Artificial sweeteners work on your craving for more sugar and sugary foods. Research shows that aspartame and stevioside lead to weight gain and diabetes and can also trigger other health conditions. So, artificial sweeteners are harmful to the body.

Fruit Juice

However, fruit juice is also part of the worse belly fattening foods that individuals cannot resist. Fruit juice contains fructose, and it has been linked to abdominal fat. If you are in your 40s, it is necessary to stay away from drinking juice, especially when you are trying to lose weight. Some people that have belly fat are now discovered to suffer metabolic disease, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. It is imperative to kick your sugar cravings by consuming No Sugar Diet and No junks.

Cupcakes and Muffins

Cupcakes and muffins are good to consume for refreshment in the early stages of your life, but when you grow a lot older, it is better to stay away from cupcakes and muffins. This is because it contains a lot of sugar and fat. The consumption of sweet food, especially cupcakes and muffins, can literarily cause premature aging. The person starts developing acne in the area of the eyes and chin. Then premature wrinkles set in as a sign that you have been consuming much sugar.

Sugary Cocktail

The next fattening food is sugary cocktails. When an individual gets to her 40s, it is crucial for her to reduce the consumption of alcohol to its barest minimum. No matter how interesting a social gathering is, develop a disciplined attitude towards curtailing your alcohol intake.

Deli Meat

Deli meat that is used for sandwiches doesn’t seem to be what it is because it contains a very high level of belly-bloating sodium nitrate preservatives. It also contains carrageenan and modified corn starch.

 Charred Meats

Charred meats too in its own way fall in the category of belly fattening foods that people find difficult to resist. It is grilled, and it is very easy to prepare but to prevent health issues, it is important that it is minimally consumed. When some proteins are exposed at high temperature to an open flame, it can produce heterocyclic amines (HCAs) and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) as they are chemicals that can alter the DNA and increase the risk of cancer.

White Pasta and White Bread

Furthermore, white pasta and white bread are grains that are refined such that the fiber and other nutrients have been removed to attain its soft texture. When grains are processed and refined, they become glycemic, thereby making the sugar in the blood rise and fall abnormally. So, the consumption of these refined foods can lead to metabolic diseases such as obesity and diabetes.

Finally, it is necessary for people to be careful about the kind of food they consume. It is better to maintain a healthy diet routine. This is because it would reduce the aging process and prevent diseases. Moreover, if you want to be in shape and be as sexy and fit as a demi-god, focus on a balanced and healthy diet.