Habits are small things that we do on a daily basis that defines who we are. When we talk about habits, it essentially sums up the level our lives have gotten to. According to some researchers at Duke University, habits make up about 40% of our actions on a daily basis.

How do we treat the brain? What kind of habits do we exhibit and how harmful are these habits to the brain? Talking about the major healthy habits that individuals focus on to keep their body and health, also goes the mile to improve their mental and physical well-being.
As a result of our habits, how can we say we feel so far in our lifetime, happy or sad? The same goes to how we perceive our brains and how it works while we pay so much attention to our body, the other aspects the needs serious concentration in the brain.

So considering all the workout and proper diets that individually consume to improve their physical health, it also improves the power if the brain significantly. So as we cultivate the right habits to help develop our brains and keep it healthy, it is necessary to take note of the worst habits that could endanger our brains and cause harm to the overall health of the body.

Here we are going to discuss some of the worst habits that can harm the brain.

Diet Soda Consumption

Putting our diet into serious consideration, as consuming much soda do not have any health benefit to the brain. Lots of people love drinks, and consuming soda has become part of their daily habit. They tell themselves that the diet option of the soda is healthier than the regular soda, but it is not true.

According to the European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences discovered that the artificial sweeteners that are found in diet beverages, ice-creams that are sugar-free increases the oxidative stress in the brain of the mice. It also damages the performance of the memory. So it is advisable for individuals to stay away from diet coke or drinks.

 Inconsistent Workout Habits

The problem when it comes to exercises is the consistency that comes with it. When we skip workouts, it slows down movement that leads to a reduction in the production of protein and hormones produced in the brain as it stimulates memories and creates more individual alertness. This is according to Marcel Daane that wrote the book of Headstrong Performance.
Now that we are so focused on developing our brains to achieve mental fitness, exercises come in handy here. This is to make us aware of the fact that when we exercise our body, we don’t only become physically built and fit. It also goes a long way to improve our brain, thereby creating mental fitness.

So consistent minutes of intense cardiovascular exercise that is moderate can improve oxygenation, cognitive function, and produces energy. This way, it becomes a habit as the brain starts to experience extra benefits of improved performance.


 Consumption of Sodium Foods

One of the habits an individual must do away with while he tries to keep the brain working at full capacity is staying far away from sodium oriented foods. It might interest you to know that excessive consumption of sodium can lead to hypertension. This would then limit the flow of blood to the brain and the effect negatively the focus of the individual.

It would also affect the memory and organizational skill of the individual. So with this great knowledge acquired, it is advisable for individuals to stay far away from restaurants and foods that contain sodium. So let’s destroy our salt shaker relationship.

Sitting for Too Long

Do you know that sitting in a spot for a long time or all day be harmful to the brain? As mentioned earlier, as regards the importance of the movement of the body and how beneficial it is to the body. When the body is slow or stationary at a spot for too long, it makes the brain dull.

When the muscles of the body are moving, it pumps blood and oxygen to the brain. This leads to the release of different kinds of mood and brain chemicals. These chemicals are vital for the enhancement of the brain function. So individuals to always make it a habit to always move from time to time, most importantly working out.


It is crucial to note that stress is a very harmful situation for the brain. When an individual is stressed, research has it that the brain can change and potentially constitute the possibilities of mental illness. This is a grave issue that lots of individuals take lightly. It is crucial for individuals to know how harmful stress can be to the brain. So it is advisable for the individuals to stay stress-free no matter the cost.

Excess Sugar Consumption

Sugar like salt has its danger on the human brain. In this century, it is difficult for individuals to stay away from sugar as there are multiple snacks and sweets that they find difficult to resist. Research has it that diets that are high in sugar and fat have a great tendency of causing cognitive decline and desserts that are belly bursting can cause memory damage.

It also affects the individual’s skill for thinking. Individuals need to understand that this is a serious challenge that has plagued this generation. This is why antioxidant sweets and chocolates are massive options for the brain and waist.

 Not Enough Water

Water is a wonderful substance for the body, and loss of water can be very harmful to human health. When an individual does not drink enough water makes the brain and tongue dried out. Dehydration makes the tissues of the human brain shrink, thereby improving cognitive performance. This information now shows us the vast importance of water consumption. So the individual must increase their water intake.

Lastly, it is vital to develop healthy habits for our brains. This has shown individuals that they need to pay much attention to the brain as much as the body. Mental fitness is important.