Food allergies are on the rise in the US- how to avoid them by stress reduction and some simple lifestyle changes. Many people are suffering stomach bloating and cramps, stuffy noses, asthma, emotional changes, and even anaphylactic shock. There are some reasons for this surge in allergic responses to foods, and there are some things that we can do to avoid these reactions.

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By ADHD on Incline

You might be wondering why suddenly you are experiencing symptoms that seem like allergic responses o something in your environment. You might have even gone to the allergist and had a skin patch test done and the results came back negative. You know your body and you know that something isn’t right. You can tell that your body is responding negatively to something in your diet or your environment.

histamin is one of the neurotransmitters causing food allergies

Histamine Neurotransmitter and Allergy Symtoms

Don’t be discouraged if all the doctors tell you that your symptoms are all in your head and that they can’t find anything wrong with you. Guess what? It really can be “in your head”, since histamine is a neurotransmitter that is released in your pituitary gland which is in your head.

allergy symptoms and histamine response

Allergy Symptoms and Histamine Response

If you suddenly have symptoms after eating such as:

  • itching
  • rashes
  • tongue swelling
  • blocked airway
  • increase blood pressure
  • heart palpitations

There is a reason behind these symptoms. There are a few issues that might be occurring in your body in response to a trigger food.

What Causes an Allergic Reaction to the Foods You Eat

  • You might be suffering from having a histamine response to certain foods and liquids. 
  • You might be suffering from too much inflammation in your body. 
  • You could be having an allergic response due to and overreaction of your Mast cells.


Anaphylactic Symptoms – What Should I Do

Most doctors don’t have a clear understanding of what is happening or how to figure out how to help you. From my own experience of having some life style changes – My husband started traveling so I had to take on more responsibilities. Several times, I had to go to the ER after noticing these weird anaphylactic symptoms.  No doctor knew what was going on or what to tell me. I even went to an allergist that told me nothing was wrong and the symptoms I was experiencing had to be in my head.

MTHFR Mutation, DAO, and Histamine Release

Finally, I did an extensive and expensive blood test where I learned that I was having an over abundance of histamine release and an inflammatory response to certain foods. I also found that I had a MTHR mutation plus a lack of DAO. With these two things I wasn’t able to balance the histamine response to food. 

anti-histamin diet for the treatment of allergies

Anti Histamine Diet  for the Treatment of Allergies – Good or Bad

This is where it gets confusing and I almost killed myself following an anti histamine diet. On that diet, to help with allergies, it says to eat more fermented foods like yogurt, nuts such as walnuts, pickles, fruits, use oil and vinegar and eat more lean proteins. These foods were causing me to have anaphylactic response. I would get rashes on my face and swollen lips and tongue within minutes of eating them.

Anti Inflammatory Diet Effect on Histamine Release

What I found out was I needed to be on a more anti inflammatory diet instead. But here is the kicker – If you go on a complete anti histamine diet that is very restrictive, you can feel better for a little while and then start feeling even worse than before. You have to have a balance between foods that cause a histamine release and foods that are anti inflammatory.

Histamine for Metabolism, Hear Health,and Normal Blood Pressure

We need histamine for our metabolism and heart health. In addition, it supports blood pressure by helping to balance aldosterone release. However, we don’t need an over abundance of it because too much histamine can cause major medical issues.If a doctor says that your symptoms are all in your head, this is how it could it could happen. 

why do I feel so stressed all the time

Why Do I Feel So Stressed all the Time

Histamine is a neurotransmitter that is released from the pituitary in your brain. The brain, surviving on the sympathetic nervous system called the flight or flight, will cause your adrenals to release more cortisol. If you have too much cortisol then you might release too much histamine. When you have too much histamine while experiencing an increase in stress, then you can do some things to balance the response.

Reduce food allergies, eat whole foods, exercise, meditate, and control stress

How to Avoid Food Allergies by Stress Reduction and Some Simple Lifestyle Changes

 The hard part is that there is no black and white list of foods that you should eat because each of us reacts differently to certain foods.  For instance, during times when you’re taking the correct preventative actions and aren’t as stressed, you might be able to eat the foods that would normally cause your bad symptoms during times you are very stressed. You just have to be patient and be willing to make some lifestyle changes.

15 Ways to Make Better Lifestyle Changes to Help Lower Allergic Responses to Food and Drink

  • Do a rotation diet. Take out the foods that you feel are causing an over histamine response for four weeks. Then, add one food back in at a time. If you have an allergic response after adding back in a certain food, then you know that you can’t eat that food for now. 
  •  Use the Coca’s test to see if your heart rate and blood pressure increase after eating certain foods. After one minute, stand up and see if your heart rate increases by ten beats per minute. 
  • Keep a food journal. Write down what you’re eating and how you feel for the rest of that day. 
  • Pray and practice mediation every day. 
  • Learn to cook. Make it fun! 
  • Don’t eat leftovers that have been left out for while. This causes fermentation and bacteria to build up, and that can contribute to an allergic response in your body.
  • Take DAO enzyme that can help you reduce the histamine response -folate, TMG, glutathione and meth B12.  
  • Exercise regularly.
  • Take breathing breaks.
  • Drink a lot of water. Stay away from green tea and caffeine if you are having a histamine response after ingestion.
  • Eat more egg yolks, not the egg whites, to reduce histamine. Although allergy diets may tell you to eat egg whites, that is the part of the egg that causes too much histamine release if you’re having an allergy response. 
  • Stay away from walnuts, tree nuts and peanuts. 
  • Stay away from strawberries, banana’s and pickles. 
  • Print out an anti- inflammatory diet food anti-histamine food list. 
  • It is important to have a balance of nutrient filled foods that may cause a histamine response. You need to make sure you are eating enough anti- inflammatory foods to counter balance the histamine response in your body.

allergy relief meditation, stress relief

Eat Whole Foods, Exercise, Meditate, and Control Stress to Lower Allergic Reactions to Foods

This can feel confusing and complicated but you can make it fun! Our foods are our medicine and God intended for us to eat a balanced diet in the way he made it. We have made so many changes in our foods with additives, food dyes, processing and preservatives, that our bodies don’t know how to react. In our late 40’s and 50’s is when we begin to see these changes. Our hormones, receptor sites and neurotransmitters work together to keep us balanced. It’s during the years after your hormones begin to drop that you might begin overreacting to histamine. 

food allergies, ADD, ADHD, depression, fatigue

Allergies and ADD/ADHD SYMPTOMS, Depression, Fatigue, and Anger

When you are stressed or have trauma, you may experience overreactions to histamine. When your neurotransmitters in your brain are off balance, you can feel depressed, have more headaches, notice ADD/ADHD symptoms, lack of concentration, frustration, mood swings, fatigue and anger that you have not felt before, or lack of decision making skills. These same symptoms can also be caused by a concussion. It’s important that you remember if you have been in an accident or hit your head so you can journal what kind of changes are occurring in your body systems. Some times your spouse or someone close to you knows better how your are acting or if there has been a change in your emotions.  

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