One of the most difficult tasks during the festive period is maintaining a clean diet, healthy lifestyles, and habits.  Festive periods are the best moment to catch-up with family members and friends. Maintaining a strict and healthy diet during these periods could be an uphill task.

Wine has a lot of health benefits, especially cardiological benefits. Red wine contains a lot of anti-oxidants that increases body metabolism and boosts immunity. The anti-cholesterol property of wine can be maximized when combined with a good training regimen.

Moderate Intake of alcohol  at least 5 times a week, combined with moderate exercise at least twice a week, can have many positive cardiological impacts on the body(European cardiology Association).  The effects of wine depends on the quality and quantity of the wine consumed.

Health Benefits  of Combining Wine and Exercise

There are  numerous benefits of combining moderate wine intake  and exercise on the body, some of the most important benefits include:

  1. Good motivation: Endorphins are also called feel-good hormones, these hormones are released during sexual intercourse or rigorous exercise. Grueling training sessions stimulate our body to releases endorphins, This is the major reasons why grabbing a bottle of wine, sports drink, or energy drink is the most common post-workout craving.

Drinking your favorite wine or beer postworkout could also stimulate the release of endorphins. the combined release of endorphins from exercise and post work out alcohol intake is one of the advantages of drinking your favorite wine as a post-workout reward.   This habits could serve as an extra motivation to work out and hit the gym more often

  1. Good Recovery Option: Drinking a Post workout skate is the most conventional recovery option after a grueling training session. Moderate intake of alcohol, beer, or wine post work out can enhance your recovering Beets and wines contain a lot of fibers, protein, selenium, and phosphorus which are necessary for muscle recovering and reducing post-workout muscle soreness. Most people can’t  afford a good protein shake, Don’t give up on yourself, Your favorite beer and wine can be a perfect replacement without compromising your fitness goal. Moderation is the key to benefiting from this magic drink.
  2. Increased Metabolism: Red wine contains ellagic acid which slows down lipogenesis (formation of fat cells) and increases lipolysis(break down of fat cells) in the liver. The major effect of ellagic acid is to slow down the metabolism of fat cells, it also prevents the formation of new ones. Exercise helps in burning excess calories and fats, combining exercise with ellagic acid in red wine is the best way to lose weight and staying in shape.

A good training regimen can help you shed your excess calories, but drinking red wine prevents the regeneration of this fat helps in controlling our body fat ratio and cholesterol level. The combination of this two habits is one of the greatest secrets of living healthy.

  1. Prolongation of Life: Red wine contains a lot of anti-aging compounds such as resveratrol and These compounds have been discovered to have a lot of cardiovascular benefits to the body. Resveratrol enhances gene replication and prolongs life. This is a good reason to drink your favorite wine in moderation. You can live long without sacrificing your favorite wine helps in controlling our glucose level by regulating our insulin sensitivity. Drinking red wine in moderation is also safe and healthy for diabetes patients.
  2. Increased Memory: Resveratrol present in red wine has been discovered to enhance short-term The effect is short term when taken in moderation. This is not an excuse to get drunk before an important interview, competition or exam. Drinking red wine in moderation is the best way to enjoy this benefits.
  3. Dermatological benefits: Drinking red wine consistently can help prevent various dermatological conditions such as acne, and Red wine inhibits the replication of bacteria responsible for the formation of acne.  Resveratrol present in red wine works effectively when combined with benzoyl peroxide. Consistent Moderate intake of red wine can give you that glowing skin you always admire.
  4. Relaxation and Depression: Drinking a glass of wine after a Hectic day at work could be an excellent way to relax. Moderate intake of wine has been discovered to reduce the risk of depression in humans. Red wine stimulates the release of endorphins (Feel Good hormones) that helps us relax and sleep reduces the body’s core temperature and stimulates the release of melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone responsible for controlling our circadian rhythm(Sleep-wake cycle).
  5. Good Occular Vision: The resveratrol present in red wines prevents the development of eye-related diseases such as cataracts. Consuming red wine also prevents macular degeneration and harmful uncontrolled eye growth. Resveratrol can also be found in red grapes.
  6. Prevent Tooth and muscular damage: Polyphenols present in red wine helps in preventing Tooth and gum decay. Excessive drinking of red wine could result in the formation of dental plaques. Consuming red wine in moderate proportion can make your teeth whiter and stronger. It also helps in strengthening the muscular system but preventing osteogenic and muscular damage.
  7. Anti-Carcinogenic: Cancer of the breast, colon, and prostate are one of the most common cancer in humans. These cancers are majorly caused by the deposition of free radicals in these targeted organs. Moderate consumption of red wine eliminates free radicals. It also reduces the formation of cancer forming proteins in the also boosts the immunity of the body and helps in fighting infections such as flu.

Drinking a lot of wine could be inevitable events especially when spending a lot of time with kids or during festive periods. Eliminating wine from our diet could be a tedious task for most people. Drinking red wine in moderation could be more beneficial than harmful.  The combination of moderate intake of wine and an effective training regimen or exercise is beneficial to the body. If you notice any unusual reaction or symptoms after drinking wine, consult your Doctor.



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