Why Living Near Water Is Good For Your Mind

Living near a body of water have always had a therapeutic effect on the human mind. It has been this way since man discovered water. Living near water has many benefits, apart from its beauty and calmness. This is quite noticeable across Europe. The major cities in Europe usually have a sizeable body of water. They could be a lake and an ocean. This is because water had always played a huge role in the society. Most people have always had the dream of waking up to the sight and sound of the ocean waves or enjoying the luxury of the best lakeside living. Some people would deliberately go on holidays in resorts that have a body of water, just to distress and enjoy the quiet and fresh breeze that water provides. Below are the advantages of living near water.

                                Benefits of Living Near Water

  1. It’s an asset with huge returns: Houses that are located near a body water is like gold in the real estate market. This is because of the value people place on them. Living near a body of water brings a kind of satisfaction that only nature can provide. It’s also a good feeling driving by the body of water every day to rest in your house at night. Nothing beats waking up to the smell of fresh air, away from the traffic and madness that exist in the city. People would spend any amount of money to live this of life every day, especially when the area is well planned and structured. Properties in this kind of place tend to appreciate as the years go by. No amount of money is too much because you’d definitely get your money back in multiple folds later on.
  2. Fresh air: The best place to enjoy fresh air, that is devoid of air pollution and another dangerous chemical is near a body of water. Scientifically, the sea has lots of negative ions, which assists the body in absorbing gases such as oxygen. Breathing in fresh air is good for the brain, as it improves alertness, and also helps in the elimination of free radicals. Free radicals when they accumulate in the body, increases the risk of having some disease conditions such as cancer and so on.
  3. The calmness: It’s quite a common thing to the rich 1% of the society to isolate themselves far away from the city center. They prefer to leave in places that is without any noise or even neighbors. This is because of the peace of mind that comes when there are no noises. It increases productivity and also brings peace of mind. Most of them also do like to stay near a body of water. Living near a body of water is just like having a beach house. It feels like you’re always on vacation when you live near water. The calmness that comes with staying near a body of water brings peace of mind and increases creativity and good health
  4. Sunshine: Living by a body of water encourages outdoor activities, especially during the summer and less cold seasons. Foer example, people can camp by the water, enjoying the breeze, while exposing their skin to sunlight, just like they’d do when they’re on a beach in Miami. Exposing the skin to sunlight increases the production of Vitamin D. Vitamin D is important for calcium synthesis, which is needed by the body to have strong bones. Children that lack strong bones are prone to having rickets, on the other hand, adults that have a deficiency of Vitamin D have increased chances of having osteoporosis.
  5. It boosts the immune system: Living near a body of water boost the immune system. This can be attributed to the calmness and fresh air that comes along with water. The sight of water and the natural relaxing sound it produces is a natural stress relief. When the stress level is low, there would be the low release of cortisol in the body, which translates to a more effective and improved immune system. In addition, spas have machines that play recorded sounds of slowly moving water. The purpose of doing this is to calm the minds of their clients and place them in the best mood possible. This is what you get every day by staying near water.

           Why Living Near Water is Good for Your Mind

  1. Reduces the body stress level: The stress hormone, cortisol is reduced when the body is settled, and in calm and quiet. This is what is obtainable when living near bodies of water. Living near a body of water naturally eliminates stress and increases one’s productivity and creativity. In addition to this, a low amount of cortisol in the body is good for the mind.
  2. The view of water has some therapeutic effects: According to some psychologists, looking at a body of water for a period of time is therapeutic. The sight of a body of water relaxes the mind and takes away stress. This is the reason behind the concept “blue mind”. According to this concept, the water absorbs the soul and body towards it, taking and absorbing the everyday stress. The less stressed one is, the better for the mind.
  3. Healthy air: The air from bodies of water are fresh and free of smokes and other toxins that are present in city centers. The fresh air from the water improves the functionality of the brain. It nourishes the brain cells and keeps it in good shape. This protects the brain from diseases and keeps the mind in a good condition.
  4. Reduces the risk of having depression and depressive syndrome: Going home from work every day to your house by the lake, is itself therapeutic. This is because of the ambiance that is obtainable when staying by the water. In addition, a calm environment, that is without noise or polluted air has a way of relaxing the mind and reducing the risk of getting depressed or having the depressive syndrome.


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