Your body contains a lot of water and drives a lot of function and operations. People can survive for days on water, enjoying a refreshing feeling with utmost rejuvenation. There are forms of water that possess different qualities and benefits to the body. Over the past years, the world has been infused with carbonated drinks that affect health. It is for this reason that people have turned to mineral water and alkaline water.

Metabolism of toxins and nutrients are crucial to proper cleansing out of toxins in the body. This is the reason that antioxidants have been popularized as it helps in maintaining good health as it promotes excretion of toxic substances. The key to the excretion of these toxins is subject to the polarity of these poisons. This is why some people now drink alkaline water as it not only helps to metabolize toxins but also nutrients. This leads to efficiency and increased performance regarding physical activities.

Alkaline water is less acidic compared to regular tap water. The alkalinity of this water corrects the acidity of the body and increases the pH level of the body. This is quite serious because long-term acidosis causes problems, including cardiac problems, endocrine problems, and musculoskeletal issues. When one has kidney problems, it is advisable to stay away from drinking alkaline water as some of the minerals may accumulate in the body. Such precaution should also be taken when one is using pills that has to do with renal functioning as having extreme alkalinity comes with its own adverse effect.

 Advantages of Alkaline Water

Alkaline water has several benefits, as much as not all of these advantages have not been confirmed through research. This form of water is way better than carbonated, sweetened, and alcoholic drinks. This is why the following has been outlined below:

  • Alkaline water has been observed to contain essential minerals that are quite beneficial to the body.
  • Alkaline water is beneficial to athletes and active people as it retains more fluid in the cardiovascular system.
  • Alkaline water is also used to boost hydration in sports professionals.
  • Alkaline water is great for people living a sedentary lifestyle as they enjoy improved buffering due to the introduction of the alkaline minerals into the body.
  • The heart and the lungs are relieved of substantial stress with water that is fortified.
  • According to a study, alkaline water protects the liver in lab rats.
  • Still, on lab rats, research showed that rats taking alkaline water lived longer than the other populations that didn’t take it.
  • Alkaline water is said to get rid of free radicals that can predispose the body to wrinkles and cancer.
  • Alkaline water is great for the GI as it promotes digestion and is of great benefit to people with reflux issues.

When one takes water from the tap, most of the time, one is consuming water with a neutral pH level. The tap water is packed with chemical substances to prevent contamination and to ensure potable water is being served and drank. The good thing is that the body has a way of balancing the pH level of the body, which takes out the worry of ingesting acidic things. Although there’s a slight twist, as the body draws from buffers present in the bone or muscle to keep the body at the optimal pH level. This is why it is good not to stress the body and provide it with alkaline water that will ease such stress.

Can I Make Alkaline Water at Home?

  • In order to avoid stress, you can just procure water This will convert tap water into alkaline water by ionization.
  • If you want to be a bit more economical, you can opt for an ionizing water filter. After 3 to 5 minutes of running your water through this mobile and cheap tool, you can enjoy your alkaline water. It can be bought where kitchen appliances are sold.
  • While going for your kitchen appliances, you can get a water distiller and pH drops. The water distiller purifies the water, and the pH drops alkalize the water.
  • You may just get pH drops to an already purified water, as it contains alkaline potent alkaline minerals, which nourishes the body.
  • Lemons are good way of creating alkaline Dice the lemon into 8 sectors and leave it in the water without squeezing the juice for about 12 hours. Lemons are anionic and becomes alkalized as it goes through the gastrointestinal system.
  • Go for a reverse osmosis filter, which not only alkalizes your water but also ensures it is free of contaminants with the help of its fine
  • Add 600mg of baking soda to about 0.237 liters of water. People on a low sodium diet should not drink water with baking soda. However, if you don’t have such precaution, ensure the baking soda mixes thoroughly in the water and enjoy.
  • One thing that comes in handy with regards to alkalizing your water is a pH kit. It has pH strips and a color chart to signify the pH level of the water. The most appropriate level of alkalinity you are looking for is between the ranges of 7.5 and 9, once your strip and color chart confirms this, you are ready to go.

There are potential issues connected with extremely alkaline water. Everything requires moderation, and alkaline water is not an exception, as, without this, the body may suffer from the presence of high level of basic water. Therefore, the potential issues associated with alkaline water are outlined as follows:

  • If too much alkaline water is taken or water that is more basic than 9, one can experience skin irritation, as well as eye’s irritation.
  • Other issues that could be experienced with overconsumption of alkaline water include muscle twitches and disturbance of the normal flora of the gastrointestinal tract.

Mineral Water

Mineral water comes from underground sources and with the manner of collection one is assured of the exclusion of pollutants in the water. However, treatment of the water is prohibited, and the water is devoid of microorganisms due to the mode of collection of the water. However, mineral water is still processed to a level that the carbon dioxide, arsenic, and other toxic substances are eliminated from the water. This form of water supplies the body with an ample load of nutrients. It is rich in alkaline compounds such as the following:

  • Calcium
  • Potassium
  • Magnesium
  • Bicarbonate
  • Sodium
  • Iron
  • Zinc

Are there Benefits to Mineral Water?

 When minerals are deficient in the body, you may experience loss of appetite, get tired more frequently than usual, and may even feel nauseated or throw-up in the process. Moreover, there are far more vital things that these minerals do for us. The intake of mineral water has been famed to possess more benefits than we know. They are outlined below as follows:

Regulation of Blood Pressure

The body benefits from water ordinarily, but when water with minerals is ingested, it provides organs in the body such as the heart with essential nutrients. The heart doesn’t work alone in the supply of nutrients to the rest of the body through the blood. This is why the blood vessels also benefit from the presence of these minerals and consequently helps in maintaining proper blood pressure.

If such a condition like abnormal blood pressure is not controlled correctly, it could lead to congestive heart failure. The optimal blood pressure is 120 mmHg – Systolic (The top reading), and the optimal diastolic blood pressure is 80 mmHg (The reading below). Whenever blood pressure exceeds this value, one should be wary and make a serious effort to make it normal.

 Regulation of Blood Glucose

The body is constantly watching out for abnormal levels of glucose in the body. When it’s too high, it stores it, and when it’s too low, the body releases the stored glucose to provide energy for the individual. The provision of nutrients like magnesium is crucial to the regulation of blood glucose in the body, which is one of the reasons that make mineral water extremely good for drinking.

Optimal Nerve Function

The nerves in our body are just like electric conductors that require ions found in mineral water to function. When nerves have problems, the functioning of the entire body system is at jeopardy. The muscles and movements are hampered, the digestion gets affected, and cognitive skills, as well as other functioning, are affected. This is why drinking mineral water is really good. The nerves are a vital part of the nervous system, and the brain is a chief part of the system as well.

Therefore, if you want proper functioning of your mind, you want to make sure you are maintaining the adequate level of minerals in your body. As much as you can’t be going into the lab every time to check, consuming sources of these nutrients is quite beneficial. You can get these essential elements from other sources of food, but taking mineral water further boosts their availability readily. This is true as water doesn’t have to be prepared and relatively cheaper than some of the sources of these minerals.

Strengthening of the Bones

 The bone is the framework with which our body is carried and moved from place to place. If these bones are not healthy, movement and other functions may be difficult or impossible, due to pain or even fracture. This is why the supply of calcium in mineral water is excellent for the body. It strengthens the bones and prevents deterioration of the entire skeletal system. As one age, the bones tend to be filled with spaces increasingly, which is why these nutrients are even more necessary in diets.

 Nitric Oxide Water

Nitric oxide is a vital substance the body needs. You can get it by drinking nitric oxide water. It passes through the cells of the body readily as it is soluble in lipid and water. People who have erectile dysfunction have benefitted from using nitric oxide water for their therapy. The good thing about its therapeutic use, is its safety and tolerance by the body, as nitric oxide is not strange to the body because it is also produced in the body. Athletes especially seem to experience an increased performance by drinking nitric oxide water.

Health Benefits of Nitric Oxide

A number of value that is derived from having an adequate nitric oxide constituent in the body is a lot as already outlined above, but there are more as we get to see below:

  • Nitric oxide provides crucial regulation of water transport in the intestinal wall.
  • Nitric oxide is an active agent in stool movement and texture.
  • Nitric oxide could be an absorbagogue and a secretagogue, making it essential in laxatives and antidiarrheal agents.
  • Nitric oxide is primarily a vasodilator, which is why it plays a role in the use of Nitroglycerin used for people with angina.
  • Nitric oxide is instrumental in the maintenance of adequate mesenteric blood flow.
  • Nitric oxide fights against bacteria and viruses, as it is a significant player in our innate immune response.
  • Nitric oxide is also a neurotransmitter, a signaling molecule, produced when needed by the body.

Due to the above benefits of nitric oxide, it has been postulated that it is an anti-aging substance, and people taking nitric oxide will enjoy the benefit of living long. The world has evolved from just getting hydrogen and oxygen from drinking water. You can enjoy your water nutritious and palatable flavors while giving your body the much-needed nutrients for vitality.

Alkaline water has been shown to help the heart, while mineral water has been shown to strengthen the bone, and nitric oxide has also been revealed to be crucial in having a functional nervous system at an adequate dosage. Even the hair benefits from these forms of water as it aids in improved blood circulation. Our body needs water, we lose water regularly through sweating, breathing, through our skin and other means like urinating. This water loss requires being replenished to ensure optimal health of the body and mind, so don’t neglect taking water in its many forms to maximize its health benefits.

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